FF Collab BTS, Will Free Fire Collab with BTS?

FF Collab BTS

FF Collab BTS or FF x BTS already know the news yet? Survivors must know this news! Because, this is an important piece of information because BTS fans who play FF ​​will definitely like this news, right?

The problem is that news about collaboration from FF is mostly just a hoax. This bird news is mostly spread by certain fans who happen to play in FF games. Because indeed Garena will regularly bring other parties who are no less popular to collaborate.

Because, the FF game itself is not a random game that rarely collaborates. Garena knows how to pamper survivors or their loyal players. So, is the news of FF x BTS true?

FF x BTS Rumors

First of all, you should know why and where these rumors are spreading. Before this news was revealed, the rumors about the FF Collab BTS actually existed before. It’s just that it looks like it’s a hoax or not true.

Because since the news spread among the players, there has been no further clarification or news from Garena. So, why is the news of FF x BTS now circulating again? Are there new hoaxes spreading again?

However, this time it looks different. Because, Garena herself uploaded a mysterious post. The post states that there will be a surprise 7 new characters.

The 7 characters in Garena’s latest upload look like a boyband with a purple background. As you know, the BTS and their fandom logos also use purple, right? Because V himself as an iconic member often says “I Purple You”.

This is the reason that strengthens if the 7 mysterious stone characters posted by Garena are BTS characters. Actually, the upload was spread by Garena since February 26, 2022. So, you have to be patient waiting for more information about this hot news or rumor.

Garena’s Clarification About BTS Collab FF Rumors

Since Garena’s post on their official Instagram exists, there are many survivors who are looking to find out if the rumored silhouettes of these 7 new characters are BTS members? You must be curious too, right?

“Hey Survivors! SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR YOU! There will be special guests who will be present at Free Fire. Get ready to welcome them to Bermuda! Guess who are they? Let’s answer in the comments column, yes!,” wrote the account @freefirebgid.

Even though you may not be an Army or a loyal fan of BTS, you must be curious about this news, right? Because just imagine if it’s true there will be prizes and the latest events worth waiting for. Because, new events and free gifts are heaven for players, especially those who don’t really top up at all.

Unfortunately, because it is still new, of course there is no continuation of the news about the silhouettes of the 7 new characters that will be present. However, as a good player, let’s just wait for confirmation from Garena’s side, shall we. Hopefully the news about this BTS collab FF is true.

If this news becomes real, I’m sure there will be a lot of Army suddenly playing FF. And this is one type of effective marketing. This is the news, Mimin conveys to you survivors of the X Army.

What is clear, don’t miss the latest news about FF! Please monitor Garena’s official account or always watch BungDus!