Final Fantasy XV PC or Windows Edition: at 60 FPS

Final Fantasy XV PC is one of the most awaited games for console gamers who have moved to PC. This Windows version of FF XV has only been released a year after its first release on PS4 and Xbox One. Square succeeded in making its gamers wait for a decade. At first this game was titled Final Fantasy versus XIII.

Final Fantasy XV PC

However, for some reason Square trimmed down some of the gameplay mechanics that had previously been showcased in the trailer. Many gamers and Final Fantasy fans are disappointed with Square Enix because it took a very long time to release this game and the results were far from expectations.

A Short Plot For Final Fantasy Size

Final Fantasy Games This story is about a prince from Lucis named Noctis Lucis Caelum. He was with his three friends; Gladiolus Amicitia (a descendant of a family that promised to protect the Noctis family), Ignis Scientia (a adviser to Noctis), and Prompto Argentum (Noctis’ friend from the common people) are on an adventure to visit his fiancee Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

Final Fantasy XV PC

This game leaves the old tradition of previous Final Fantasy games that have a turn based battle system or take turns attacking. Final Fantasy XV comes with a total battle system like action games and a wide open world-style world. Want to know more? In this article, Buddygame will discuss about the fifteenth series of the best game franchises of all time. Follow it till the end.

Final Fantasy XV PC begins with a cut from the last chapter where Noctis, who has a beard with his three friends, fights Ifrit. Then after the battle footage is finished, an FMV footage appears where Noctis and his three friends say goodbye to his father to start a journey to Altissia, the capital of Accordo, where Noctis and Lunafreya’s wedding will be held.

Final Fantasy XV PC

When Noctis and his three friends find a stop and repair their car, they get news that Niflheim has attacked the city of Insomnia and killed the King. However, despite receiving bad news, Noctis must accept the responsibility that Lucis’ whereabouts are in his hands.

On his way Noctis meets several other characters, among them is Ardyn Izunia who is an advisor from Niflheim. However, Ardyn has bad intentions to trick Noctis into collecting Astral.

That’s the outline of the Final Fantasy XV PC story. However, to find out the story and its origin, you better watch the CGI film entitled Final Fantasy XV Kingslaive which was released on PC, as well as the anime series entitled Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood.

One of the plus points of Final Fantasy XV PC is the graphics. Square Enix is ​​very successful in executing the world presented in this fifth Final Fantasy series. The world that Final Fantasy XV PC has is so vast. You can circumnavigate a very wide world either by car or by foot (if you can). On the way using the car, you will find many monsters that are wara-wiri in front of you that you must conquer.

All Realistic

In addition, the dynamic day and night time is another advantage that the FF XV has. The monsters that appear at night are different from the night. The night monsters are much more difficult to beat than the monsters that appear during the day. The quite dramatic effect also makes you chuckle when you see it. Just try when fighting your enemy throwing magic, you will see the effect of a burning or scorched environment when exposed to fire magic.

Another aspect that differs from Final Fantasy XV is the summon feature. Different from the previous series where the summon can be used as often as possible, in this fifteenth series it can only spawn randomly and cannot be used as often as possible. The size of the summon is also very large and can inflict damage to enemies whose position is quite far away. The after-effect of a summoned attack also has an effect on the environment.

Conclusion: Playing the PC Version at 60 FPS

However, unfortunately, Final Fantasy XV’s storyline feels very short and something is cut. Square Enix tried to give versions of several characters in order to try to treat the players of this game. In our opinion, the PC version is still worth buying. If you are not satisfied with the console version which is FPS locked, the PC version comes with 60 fps and improved graphics. Read: PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV game.