Finally Officially Released PS5 Indonesia! (Reviews)

PS5 Indonesia – After a long wait from gamers, finally PlayStation 5 or PS5 is released in Indonesia. As we know before, Sony wants to slowly unveil their next-gen console. This is what makes many people speculate how the shape or design of this 5th generation PlayStation console will be. On the internet a lot of popping up how the shape and design of the PlayStation 5.

There are designs that accompany RGB because this feature is currently rife in the gaming world, there are designs that are futuristic and tend to be weird. And finally, the official design appeared and was well received by the remain audience. The PS5 design looks futuristic with the main color white. This is what distinguishes the PS5 from the previous generation which usually uses black (except the PS1 with the main color gray).


After the official design was revealed, many game trailers also appeared. The first game that appeared in the trailer was Spider Man Miles. Not only that, the emergence of the PS5 has also made developers make remastered versions such as Spider Man and Demon Souls.

For this 5th generation console, Sony designed a controller that is different from the previous generation. Instead of using the same name (Dual Shock), on this new console, Sony designed a new controller with the name Dual Sense. This PS5 controller has a much different form than before. The shape is more futuristic and looks more bulky than the Dual Shock. The vibration function is also more varied depending on the situation faced by the player. Take, for example, motorcycle or car racing games. Gamers will feel a different vibration when touching the grass or touching the end of the track.


The specifications embedded in the PS5 console machine are certainly very sophisticated. The CPU and GPU used by Sony’s latest console use the latest chipset from AMD, and the GPU supports RDNA. With this, gamers can enjoy a very new gaming experience, namely ray tracing technology. This technology seems to be the main technology in future games. Not only that, the PS5 already supports 4K resolution which is actually already on the PS4 Pro, but the quality has increased significantly.

Plus, the PS5 uses an SSD or Solid State Drive for its storage media. Therefore, gamers don’t need to wait for the game to load because we all know that waiting for old things to load is quite annoying, especially when there are several games that load a lot.

The enthusiasm for the appearance of the PS5 is not only in foreign countries, but also in Indonesia. Sales of the official PS5 version in Indonesia are a bit late when compared to the international version. PS5 was released right at the end of 2020 ahead of the winter holidays (Christmas and New Years). Indonesian gamers are finally impatient with the presence of this latest gaming console from Sony.


The delay in the Indonesian PS5 version did not make Indonesian gamers afraid not to have it as soon as possible. Finally, many game shops sell PlayStation 5 consoles at high prices (even reaching Rp. 17 million). That price tag doesn’t make gamers who are enthusiastic about the PS5 console back off. They are still desperate to buy the PS5 which is not official from Sony Indonesia.

On January 22, 2021, the PS5 finally officially arrived in Indonesia at a much cheaper price than the non-official version of Sony Indonesia. The Sony Indonesia licensed version of the PlayStation 5 is priced at IDR 8,799,000 for the Blu-Ray Disc version, and IDR 7,299,000 for the digital version. The sales system in the Indonesian market is in the form of pre-orders. Of course this is due to the pandemic situation that has not allowed Sony to market it more massively. Investigate, in Indonesia itself, the Blu-Ray version is far more in demand than the digital version. We believe that the reason why gamers prefer the disc version over the digital version is the unsupported internet connection.

Sony Indonesia, not only issued a new PS5 console and controller with the name Dual Sense, but also with supporting accessories such as PULSE 3D, HD Camera, Media Remote, Dual Sense Charging Station. In our opinion, the sale of these accessories is an effect of the spread of gaming vlogs in Indonesia, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. Watching videos on YouTube is a very possible entertainment.

Next, we will provide a list of prices for console machines, accessories, and official Indonesian PS5 games. Here’s the list:

PS5 Indonesia Price

  1. PlayStation 5 Blu-Ray Edition: IDR 8,800,000
  2. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: IDR 7,300,000

PS5 Accessories Price

  1. DualSense Wireless Controller: IDR 1,270,000
  2. DualSense Charging Station (battery charger controller): IDR 499,000
  3. PULSE 3D (noise canceling microphone and 3D audio support): IDR 1,700,000
  4. Media Remote (navigating streaming and movie services): Rp Rp 499,000
  5. HD Camera (1080p dual lens): IDR 999,000

Official Indonesian PS5 Games Now On the Market

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales: IDR 729,000
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales: IDR 1,029,000
  3. Demon’s Souls: IDR 1,029,000
  4. Sackboy A Big Advanure: IDR 879,000