Food Picky Kids? Do These 4 Effective Ways – Nutrient intake such as healthy food is very important for child development. Unfortunately, children are still often picky about their favorite foods, and even tend not to try vegetables.

In the case of a picky eater or picky eater, this symptom is easy to spot. Generally, when fed, children will tend to close their mouths and rebel, even get rid of certain types of food.

How to deal with a child who is a picky eater? There are four ways that parents can do it, see how quoted from Kids Country Inc.

Be an Example for Healthy Eating

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Nutritious Food Illustration.  Source:
Nutritious Food Illustration. Source:

One of the best ways to deal with picky eaters is, by setting an example of healthy eating habits. For example, if their child wants to like to eat vegetables, fruits, or meat, then parents must like those food categories.

Stay calm

A dietitian Elly Satter said, feeding in childhood is the responsibility of parents. When approaching, a calm and pleasant attitude toward food is always best. Avoid controlling them if your child wants to eat healthy food. Be patient a moment, because it takes children years to explore food preferences.

Try New Food

Even if your child has some favorite foods, as a parent you need to introduce them to new foods. If they don’t want to take it, don’t worry, offer it again next time. It does take time for children to want to try new foods, but the important thing is to always respect children, one of which is dislike and liking for food.

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Maintain a Meal Schedule