Ford Laser, Durable Car Used by Indonesian Taxi Fleet – For those of you who already know enough about the environmental conditions in Jakarta in the 1980s and 1990s, of course you know that the taxi fleet that was widely used at that time was the blue Ford Laser sedan.

To be used as a taxi, the Ford Laser Ghia with a 1.300cc engine was deliberately chosen because of its fuel economy. This Ford Laser was marketed in the period 1986 to 1998 to 25 provinces, except Papua.

Taxi companies that used the Ford Laser at that time were Blue Bird Group, Express Taxi, Kosti Jaya, President Taxi, Zebra Taxi Surabaya, Primkopad to Primkopau.

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PT Indonesia Republic Motor Company (IRMC), as Ford’s distributor at the time, brought this car to Indonesia in the form of CKD from the Toyo Kogyo factory, Hiroshima, Japan.

The assembly of the Ford Laser is carried out at PT Gaya Motor and PT National Assembler. Then it continued to PT Alun and PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

Ford Laser for taxis is also considered to have many advantages, such as spacious passenger space, stubborn engine. Then, the suspension and radiator are also selected durable materials.

Actually, the Fords passing by in Indonesia at that time were not just Ford Lasers for taxis. The models for passengers are Ford Laser Ghia 1.500cc 4 doors and 5 doors, Ford Laser TX3 1.600cc 3 doors, Ford Sonic 1.300 cc 4 doors, Ford Gala 1,600 cc 4 doors and Ford Champ 1,800cc 5 doors liftback, Telstar GL 1,800cc 4 door and Telstar TX5 2.000cc 5 door liftback.

Then, there is also the 1,800cc Ford Champ, 1,600cc and 1,800cc 4-door Ford Laser Lynx, 2,000cc 4-door Telstar Ghia, and 2,000cc Telstar Challenge 5-door liftback.

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Anyway, the Ford Laser itself has a twin, the Mazda Familia (323). Naturally, if they are twins like Toyota Avanza-Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Rush-Daihatsu Terios. In 1979, Ford bought a 25 percent stake in Mazda.

Just like the taxis now, the Ford Laser GL was chosen because it is the cheapest type and even opening the windows has not been touched by electrification, aka using a crank, without power steering and without electric mirrors.

On the other hand, the Ford Laser GL has advantages in terms of economical fuel consumption and a stubborn engine. In addition, spare parts are also abundant. It can even be substituted with a Timor sedan or Mazda 323 Elite.

Apart from Indonesia, the Ford Laser is also marketed in other countries in Asia, South America, Oceania, and Africa. (From various sources)

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