Free Fire x Assassins Creed Event Starts, Lots of Prizes!, Jakarta – The Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration event can now be played in the game. The Free Fire game will feature various Assassin’s Creed-themed elements ranging from songs, skins, various collections of ingame items, as well as special gameplay updates.

This collaboration will also feature the Sanctuary, a new building on the Bermuda map that comes exclusively for the Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration.

There are many interesting weapons and equipment in this building that will definitely help Survivors win the game.

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The Leap of Faith, an acrobatic freerunning move, is considered one of the most sacred rituals in Assassin’s Creed’s Brotherhood circles.

According to Free Fire, this is an action to strengthen the determination to focus the mind, steady hands, and clear fear and heart.

As per tradition, every time an Assassin recruit begins, they must perform a Leap of Faith, as a sign of their new rank.

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Players can join in on this iconic tradition. Take a photo of your Leap of Faith at the top of the Free Fire Sanctuary and share it on social media using #FreeFireXAssassinsCreed.

In addition, there is also a collaboration thematic song entitled ‘The Creed of Fire’, combining the core melody of the Free Fire and Assassin’s Creed theme songs.

Performed by a symphony orchestra, ‘The Creed of Fire’ seeks to inspire players from both games and build their confidence to never give up, both in game and in life.

The Creed of Fire Event with Lots of Bonuses

Complete ‘The Creed of Fire’ Event and Collect in-game skin rewards. Get the Vengeful Brotherhood Bundle, Lobby Music ‘The Creed of Fire’, Hidden Assassins, Hooded Parachute, the Creed Avatar, Ornate Treasure Box, Petskin: Senu, Creed Banner and Brotherhood Pin.

This reward can be obtained by completing all missions on March 4 – 20. Also complete the peak mission and get a free gun skin, P90-Metal Wings on March 12-13.

Players will be greeted with various inspiring images from the iconic Leap of Faith, to the special collection of Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed. Several other in-game elements have also been redesigned with an Assassin’s Creed theme including vending machines, airships, and airplanes. (HR/IF)