Fruit Juice Makes Children Fat, Myth or Fact? This is the Expert’s Explanation – There is an assumption that giving too much fruit juice to children can make them fat, myth or fact, right?

Juice not only gives a delicious taste and is also sweet. However, the fruit content is also good for one’s health. Both adults and children.

In addition, juice is also high in vitamins and minerals. This source can help boost immunity, as well as prevent the emergence of various diseases.

Not only that, juices derived from fruits are also important for the development of the child. Because the fruit contains several sources. Starting from vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, iron, fiber, to folic acid.

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Illustration of baby drinking fruit juice (Shutterstock)
Illustration of baby drinking fruit juice (Shutterstock)

A Nutritionist at Esa Unggul University and the Co-Founder of Sahabat Gizi Community, Anugrah Novianti, also spoke about the notion that fruit juice can make children fat.

“Juice can’t actually make you fat. Because it’s more about fruits and vegetables that contain fiber,” said Anugrah in a webinar on Balanced Nutrition, Hearts Grow Happy, some time ago.

“Unless you add sugar, it can make you fat. But for children, it is highly recommended not to give sugar, instead we have to prevent children from being overweight, “he said further.

Anugrah added, it is important for parents to pay attention to the balanced nutrition of their children. With balanced nutrition, this will have a good impact on child development.

“Still have to pay attention to balanced nutrition, not necessarily from juice. When looking at balanced nutrition guidelines, again we look at the sources of carbohydrates, animal protein, vegetables, fruits and vegetables. So all and combined, “said Anugrah.

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