Fun Clock Apk Money Making Game, Is It Really OJK Registered?

JSMedia – Applications that can provide additional income or make money is no longer a strange thing. In fact, the application is now increasingly looking for. Another one of the newest money-making game applications that has appeared, namely Fun Clock apk.

The Fun Clock application is a new application, so there are very few reviews. Therefore, if you want to experience getting additional income from the application, then you can try it right away.

What is Fun Clock Apk Money Making Game?

Fun Clock Apk Money Making Game

There are many applications and games that can make money circulating on the internet. However, it should be noted that not all of these game applications actually pay their users. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing and sorting out which ones are good and good.

One of the games that can make money is Fun Clock apk. Fun Clock apk is a money making game that is currently going viral. But is it already registered with OJK? Let’s check more about this game.

Including one of the recommended games that really give prizes. Players will not be bored when playing the game, because basically the game is to play and give prizes.

Who doesn’t like the concept? Play games that are fun and not boring at the same time with prizes. Every player and game enthusiast would really like it if the games they play can make money.

Unfortunately the Fun Clock game is not available on the Google Play Store. So you need a link so you can directly get or download the game. For beginners who don’t know how to download and how to play it, you can refer to the next review.

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System Requirements Fun Clock Apk Money Making Game

Game NameFun Clock Apk
Android Requirements2.3.3 and Up
File Size48.48 MB
DeveloperFunLuck Net

How to Download Game Fun Clock

How to Download Game Fun Clock

The Fun Clock game is not available on the Google Play Store, so you need to log in to the web if you want to download it. More details on how to download it can follow the tutorial below.

  1. The first step is to open a web browser on the device that is being used.
  2. Enter the link provided below (The link is no longer accessible)
  3. Wait until the link process opens and download the Fun Clock game application.
  4. Click Download, when it’s finished then find where the file is located.
  5. If you have found the Fun Clock game file, then click Install.
  6. Wait a few moments until the game application finishes the installation process.
  7. Games are ready to be played anytime and anywhere.

Those are the steps to download the money-making Fun Clock game. If you are finished, then the next step is to start playing it and collect the prizes so you can exchange them for money. Want to know how to play it, then you can see the next explanation.

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How to Play Money Making Fun Clock Game

How to Play Money Making Fun Clock Game

The next step if you have downloaded the Fun Clock game is to start playing it. For novice players who still can’t play it, you can follow the following tutorial so you can immediately make money from the game.

  1. Open the Fun Clock game app so you can start creating an account.
  2. Start creating an account using a phone number or email that is still active until now.
  3. Fill in the registration form completely and confirm the authenticity of all the data. Continue by clicking Register.
  4. When finished, enter the application using the account that was registered earlier.
  5. If you get an invitation code, you should immediately use it so you can get a bonus of 5000.
  6. Choose one of the 3 available ways to make money from the Fun Clock game app.
  7. The first way is to collect as many coins as possible. There will be a certain time so that the coins are getting more and more.
  8. The second way is to run the available missions. For example, download, install, and try some applications. If the mission is complete, you will get additional points.
  9. The third way is by distributing the invitation code. If someone receives the code and uses it, there will be an additional 9000 bonus.

The final word

Easy isn’t it to make money from the game Fun Clock apk? However, one thing to keep in mind is that the game is not available on the Play Store and is not registered with the OJK, so its security is not guaranteed, especially until you make a deposit, we suggest not. But don’t worry, if it’s just for fun, why not? Moreover, there is no deposit order.