Gamers Must Know! Different Types of Games Full Version, Beta, Repack, Crack

Game Funda – Different Types of Games Full Version, Beta, Repack etc. For those of you who like to download games from the Internet, you are familiar with the terms Repack, Crack, Beta, etc. Well, in that term you still don’t know what it means.

This time we will inform you about several things that you need to know before downloading games through unofficial websites.

Differences in Game Type Terms!

Different types of games full version, beta, repack, crack

1. Full Version

Full Version is a Game Type with complete content without any data reduction. Usually Full Version games are original games that use additional serial numbers or cracks to play them. And in the installation stage using the original appearance from the developer and for pirated games we have to copy crack.

2. RIP

RIP is an abbreviation of the word Ripped in the sense that the game is compressed until the game size becomes smaller. This type of RIP game does not reduce the file but will reduce the quality of the file and the effect is usually the game sound will be smaller.


FULL RIP almost the same as RIP, this type has a compression stage to be denser and smaller. FULL RIP will reduce more files and the file size will be very much smaller than the original file.


REPACK is a game that is compressed without reducing the number of files, eliminating cutscenes and not affecting the storyline in the game. the size of the Repack file is smaller than the Full Version, it’s just that the contents of the file remain the same.


RELOADED is a game that has been cracked in the sense that this game no longer needs to use a serial number to play it. RELOADED does not reduce files and does not compress them, meaning that the files will be as large as the Full Version, except that this game is ready to play when it is finished installing.

6. High Compression

High Compression, this type of game is not recommended for you, this can make the game size very small. High Compression usually eliminates large files such as audio. High Compression is very risky because not all compressed games are successfully decompressed and it is not recommended for games that have a lot of storylines.

7. Crack

Crack is a burglary file for a paid game so that the registration process can be done without having to buy an official license from the game developer.


Demo usually can be downloaded for free on the official website of the game itself. And usually the demo version only contains one mission or just a free sample from the developer so gamers can feel the game they made and intend to buy the full version.

9. Codex

Codex it means a pirated game but has complete features. And the only drawback is that the size is too big to download.

10. Portable

Portable version games are games that don’t need to be installed and don’t take up space on your HDD. Usually this game has an .exe extension so when you double click it automatically runs the game. No need to take a long time to install.

Maybe this is the only game type term when you download any game. And now you understand a little bit and will not go wrong choosing the type of game you want to play.