GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022 – WhatsApp or what we usually know as WA is one of the most popular and simple chat applications. Because of the popularity of the WhatsApp application, there are so many mod versions that have emerged. One of them is GB WhatsApp which is the most popular WA Mod Apk today.

For whatsapp mod apk itself, it does have the advantages it brings. But the one that has the most advantages is GB WA. Because this WhatsApp mod apk is indeed the most advanced WhatsApp mod output. So don’t be surprised if gb wa is the most popular whatsapp mod today.

By bringing the most complete features, currently GB WhatsApp is much sought after by WhatsApp application users. It could be that those of you who are listening to our article are also one of the WhatsApp users who are looking for a download link for the GB wa pro apk.

If this is true then you are very obliged to listen to the review about GB WhatsApp Pro which we will review this time. In addition, in this article, we will include a download link for you.

Reviews About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022

Maybe now the WhatsApp application that is known by all people has a small and simple size. But of course the WhatsApp application that you know does not have many advanced features. Deal with Modified WhatsApp which has many advanced features in it.

Of course, by using the WhatsApp mod application, you will have your own fun. What’s more, the features in it will not make you bored when using it.

Now for this reason, people are currently looking for and want to use WhatsApp mod instead of the original version. If you are one of those who are looking for and want to use GB WhatsApp, then you can get it for free in our article.

But you need to know that GB WA is an application developed by a third party. So of course there is a risk of being banned while using it. So before deciding to download, then you have to be prepared with the risks.

Featured Features of GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022

Before you download gb wa pro mod apk. Then you must know the features that are in it first. Because by looking at the features in GB WA, later you can consider downloading or not.

Here the GB WhatsApp developer has brought many advanced features that you can use for free. We guarantee all of its features will make you feel satisfied and happy. So without further ado, just take a look at the full features below.

1. Can Use Two Accounts In One Application

The first sophistication or feature of GB WhatsApp is that there are dual accounts. So if you use GB wa, then you will be able to use two accounts in one application. Of course this will be very helpful for those of you who want to have a dual whatsapp account.

This feature is highly recommended for those of you who are managing a business. Because you will be able to create business and personal accounts using only one WhatsApp application.

2. Full Cool Theme

In the original version of WhatsApp, of course, you won’t be able to find many cool themes. But on GB WhatsApp you will be able to find lots of cool features that can be used for free.

Besides having a lot of cool features that are ready to use. You can also create your own theme as you wish. So of course you will not feel bored and bored when using this WhatsApp mod apk.

3. Remove the Blue Tick

When you receive a message from a friend using WhatsApp and the message has been read. Then later the status of the message in your friend will change to a blue 2 tick which means it has been read. This of course will be very disturbing.

Therefore, the developer of GB WhatsApp has prepared a feature to remove the blue tick. So even though the message has been read, it will not turn into a blue 2 tick.

4. Send Large Files

Whatsapp is a chat application that cannot send large files. With the limitations of WhatsApp, which does not send large files, of course, there are many complaints from WhatsApp users themselves.

Therefore, the developer from GB Whatsapp provides this large file size feature to pamper WhatsApp users. So you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to send large files using WhatsApp.

5. Can Send Many Photos

WhatsApp users of course already know that the WhatsApp application can only send photos with a total of 10 photos. Of course this is very felt, the article is sometimes there are users who want to send a lot of photos.

Therefore, for those of you who often send photos, the GB WhatsApp pro application is a solution for you. You will be able to send photos without any limits on this gb wa.

6. Download Friends Story

Currently WhatsApp is not only used for chatting. This whatsapp application can also be used to upload stories via the send status feature available on whatsapp.

But sometimes when we see a story we are interested in downloading the story. However, it is a shame that the story cannot be downloaded. Therefore GB WhatsApp provides a friend’s story download feature.

7. Application Lock Features

WhatsApp application is known as a very private chat application. But sometimes we still need security to secure our private chat. Because we don’t know if our friends borrow our smartphones for anything.

But with us using GB WhatsApp then we will be about even though our smartphone is borrowed by a friend. Because indeed GB WA provides an application lock feature. So that way you can lock your WhatsApp application with a complicated password.

8. Have Many Fonts

Fonts are one of the important parts in chat applications, because with varied fonts we will be able to send messages uniquely. But in the WhatsApp chat application the available fonts are just that.

With you using GB WA which is a whatsapp mod. Then later you will find lots of fonts. So you will be able to choose a lot of fonts that you can choose on gb wa.

9. 100% Safe from Banned

The thing that is most feared when using a modified application is being banned from the developer of the modified application. The reason is that the developer will not stay silent when the application is modified.

But by using GB Whatsapp you don’t need to be afraid of getting banned from the developer. Because this WhatsApp mod application is very safe from being permanently banned.

10. Messages can be replied to automatically

This last feature is also highly recommended for business people. Because you will be able to send messages automatically. So even if you are busy, the messages that you have set can be sent automatically.

Those are the features that are available and you can use it for free. How have you decided to directly download the WhatsApp mod apk application on this one. If so, please download the application with the link we have provided below.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Mod Latest Version 2022

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022

GB Whatsapp has many types that you can choose from. So you just have to choose which type of GB wa you will use. So that you can directly choose, then please see and download several types of GB WhatsApp below.

1. GB WhatsApp Latest Version

The type of GB WhatsApp that we will explain first is the latest version. This latest version of GB WA has a very large size. But sophistication is also more leverage.

NameGB WA Latest Version
Size52.22 MB

2. GB WhatsApp Old Version

For the old version, it does have a light size. But for sophistication still inferior to the latest version. If you want to try the old version of GB wa, please download it from the link we have prepared below.

3. GB WhatsApp iOS

iOS users don’t need to worry because currently there is a GB wa that is specifically for iOS. If you are an iOS user and are interested in using GB wa, please download the application below.

Size51.23 MB

4. GB WhatsApp Transparent

For this type, of course, you can guess, because as the name implies, GB WhatsApp this one has a transparent theme. So for those of you who like transparent colors. Then this type is perfect for you to use.

NameGB WA Transparent
Size43 MB

The types of gb wa that we share above are in size according to needs. So you just have to choose which type you want to download and use. Our advice if you have a smartphone with lower-middle specifications. Then choose the GB wa with the smallest size.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on Android and iOS

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022

If you have successfully downloaded one of the GB WhatsApp applications that we have shared the download link above. Then you just install the application so that it can be used immediately. How to install it is very easy, but if you are still confused and don’t understand, you can follow our method.

  • The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the GB wa application.
  • After that go to the security menu on your smartphone.
  • Then enable unknown sources.
  • Then click the application file to immediately start the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process is successful.
  • Finished.

That’s how to install the GB wa application which is very simple. Please just practice so that you can use the application directly.

The difference between GB WA and the original version

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk (GB WA) Official Download Latest Version 2022

GB Whatsapp which is a modified version is certainly very different from the original version. There are some very significant differences between the two applications. You can see the difference in the table below.

GB WAWhatsApp Original
Unlimited ThemesMinimal Theme
Many FeaturesFew Features
Can Download StoryCan not
Messages Can Be Sent AutomaticallyCan not
Send Large FilesSend Minimal Size Files

That is a very significant difference between modified whatsapp and ordinary wa. Of course, by looking at these differences you can conclude which ones are sophisticated and which ones are less sophisticated.

However, as we all know, this modified application is very prone to being banned. Therefore, you have to check frequently when gb wa updates so that you can avoid the risk of being banned. Developers from GB wa will always update regularly to avoid getting banned.