Get to know Android Bluetooth Audio Codec and How to Upgrade Bluetooth – You should know how to change the Bluetooth audio codec on Android, so you can know how to upgrade bluetooth Android so that you can listen to music via Bluetooth devices with maximum sound quality. You should also know what SBC is.

Often times we find the audio quality on smartphone connected to a Bluetooth audio device is not as good as when connected to a wired device.

In addition to hardware factors, the Bluetooth audio codec also determines the quality of sound transmission from Android devices to devices audio Bluetooth.

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You need to know, the Bluetooth audio codec greatly determines the sound quality when we listen to music on the internet smartphone Android uses Bluetooth devices, such as TWS earphones, speaker wirelessand others.

Therefore, you also need a way to change the Bluetooth audio codec on your Android phone so that the sound quality is much better, as well as how to bluetooth upgrade Android. Well, here’s how.

What Are Bluetooth Audio Codecs?

Android Bluetooth Audio Codec
Photo: Android Authority

Simply put, audio codec stands for Compressor De-compressor. A codec is a software or program that can convert a digital signal or data stream through encoding and decoding into a specific format.

This software can determine how Bluetooth is transmitted from a source, such as from smartphonetablet or PC, to another sound device.

This software is responsible for encoding and decoding digital audio data into a predefined format.

according to Soundguys and Android Authorityideally the transmitted signal is still within the range that can be achieved by the device so that it produces clear sound and does not lag or break.

There are three key factors in codec terms, namely simple rate (Hz), bit depth (-bit), and bit rate (kbps). Simple rate is the number of data points per second in a sound file.

It takes two samples to accurately capture any frequency, so audio is sampled at least twice the human hearing limit (approximately 20 kHz).

High-resolution file formats tend to be exported at 96kHz or higher. A larger sample rate means the file size will also be large.

While the bit depth, is the number of bits stored for each audio sample. Bit depth higher will record the signal more accurately.

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While for bit rate usually measured in Kbps or Mbps. This is the amount of audio data transmitted per second through bluetooth.

A lower bit rate results in greater compression and lower sound quality. Meanwhile, bit rate high yields less compression with much better sound quality.

Various Bluetooth Audio Codecs

Android Bluetooth Audio Codec
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After knowing what audio codecs are, you should also know their types. There are at least 4 types that are currently widely used, namely SBC, AAC, aptX, and LDAC. Here’s the explanation:

1. SBC (Low Complexity Sub-band Codec)

What is SBC? Sub-band Codec (SBC) is the most common type of codec used in Bluetooth devices, especially those with the A2DP standard or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.

SCB was originally designed to get decent sound quality at medium bit rates. This type of software is also useful for minimizing the complexity of the software audio streaming.

The maximum supported data transmission is 320 Kbps, so the sound quality is quite average. However, this type offers stable Bluetooth connectivity. Well, now if you have a question, what is SBC? You can already explain it, right?

2. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

AAC is the standard for digital sound compression. It is also the license-free standard for YouTube, and is one of the preferred transfer modes on Apple devices.

Having a max bit rate of 250 Kbps which is equivalent to a medium MP3 quality, AAC can be useful for delivering higher audio resolution on iPhone and other Apple devices, but not for Android.

3. Qualcomm aptX

aptX is a kind of Bluetooth audio codec from Qualcomm. There are several types of aptX Qualcomm, namely aptX, aptX Low Latency (LL), and aptX HD.

This Qualcomm-made software is most suitable for Android devices. Qualcomm’s aptX codec provides higher bandwidth and is the most stable even though it still uses the format lossy.

standard aptX supports 48 kHz/16-bit (352 Kbps) LCPM audio data, while aptX HD supports 48 kHz/24-bit (567 Kbps), and aptX LL offers latency of less than 40 ms.

To get a more accurate and detailed audio experience, users are advised to use headphones or earbuds that support this type of codec.

4. Sony LDAC

Not only Qualcomm, Sony is also developing its own codec technology called LDAC. This one of a kind Bluetooth audio codec offers the best sound experience.

LDAC has three transmission versions, namely 990 Kbps, 660 Kbps, and 330 Kbps. These three modes can be adapted to the user’s device.

In general, today’s smartphones support the LDAC codec at 330 Kbps. If you want to get a better audio experience, users must change the transmission to 990 Kbps through the Developer Mode settings on their Android.

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How to Change Bluetooth Audio Codec on Android

So, now on to the main menu. By changing the Bluetooth audio codec on your Android phone, you can also improve the sound quality when listening to music using a Bluetooth device. For that, we will tell you how bluetooth upgrade Android.

The following Telset will provide a way to upgrade bluetooth android on smartphone. The method is quite simple, and you can do it without having to do it root.

  • =Open Menu Settings or Arrangementthen activate the menu Developer Options.
  • Well, to activate Developer Options, tap 7 times on caption Build Number (Version Number). Usually, Build Number it’s in the menu Softwarewhich is different for each smartphone.

how to upgrade bluetooth android

  • After successfully activated, open the menu Developer Options.

how to upgrade bluetooth android

  • Then, scroll down until you find an option Bluetooth Audio Codecs, and click the menu.

what is sbc

  • There appear several options Bluetooth Audio Codecs. select Bluetooth Codecs available, starting from SBC, AAC, AptX, LDAC and others.

what is sbc

  • Select the desired Bluetooth Audio Codec. Here we usually use Audio Codec AAC or aptX which is better in quality than the standard SBC codec.

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what is sbc

  • After selecting one of the available codecs, you have successfully changed it.

That was how to change the Bluetooth audio codec on smartphone Android. However, it should be noted that the better the quality of the audio codec used, of course, it will also affect the delay of bluetooth transmission to audio devices. So, make sure you choose according to your needs.

When playing games for example, it takes a low audio transmission delay. Then, you can use standard or SBC codecs. Meanwhile, to listen to music that requires good quality, you can choose AAC or aptX.

Thus the introduction and how to change the bluetooth audio codec on Android, I hope it helps, and good luck! (MF)