Get to know Ares Vegetables, Lombok’s Typical Culinary from Bananas

Lombok Island is famous for its natural beauty, from beaches, mountains, to hills. Because it’s so diverse, it’s no wonder you will be spoiled by these sights and you can explore this island endlessly, you know!

In addition, Lombok Island is also famous for food with a distinctive taste that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the unique foods on the island of Lombok is Ares Vegetables. Curious? Let’s talk about this food.

1. The raw material is unique

Get to know Ares Vegetables, Lombok's Typical Culinary from BananasBanana leaf (

Vegetable ares is a typical food of the island of Lombok with the main raw material in the form of midrib or tadpole young bananas. These vegetables are cooked with coconut milk and a few pieces of beef which will be seasoned with natural spices. However, some regions also make this dish without beef.

2. Distinctive taste

Get to know Ares Vegetables, Lombok's Typical Culinary from BananasVegetable ares (

With unique raw materials cooked with coconut milk and various spices, of course this food has a distinctive taste. The taste of this vegetable is very unique, namely sweet and savory.

3. Mandatory food menu on Lombok Island

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In every celebration on the island of Lombok, the taste is not complete without this vegetable. Ares vegetables are mandatory food at celebrations on the island of Lombok, such as the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, weddings, circumcision, celebration events, and others.

4. The price is affordable

Get to know Ares Vegetables, Lombok's Typical Culinary from Bananasares vegetables (

With a unique taste, you can get this food at an affordable price, you know! That is around Rp. 5,000 – Rp. 6,000 per serving, cheap isn’t it? Unlike in Indonesia, the price of ares vegetables abroad is priced at a very high price, which ranges from Rp. 85,000 – Rp. 90,000 per serving.

5. Beneficial for health

Get to know Ares Vegetables, Lombok's Typical Culinary from BananasSports illustration (IDN Times/Hana Adi Perdana)

Ares vegetables have many benefits, you know! The fiber contained in this vegetable is very good for people with stomach acid. Ares vegetables are also rich in high iron and vitamin B6 which are good for producing hemoglobin and insulin in the body. Not only that, the polyphenol antioxidant content in ares is also effective in fighting atherosclerosis and inflammation of blood vessels. So no wonder, this vegetable is believed to lower high blood pressure.

Those are some things about ares vegetables. With all its uniqueness, this food has its own charm for the people of Lombok Island and tourists. If you stop by Lombok, don’t forget to try this food!

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