Gif Lion TikTok How Much Rupiah? Here’s the Complete Explanation!

Gif Lion TikTok How Much Rupiah – Tiktok is a social media application that provides interesting videos that we can watch, Tiktok is also the number one social media application in Indonesia because there is a lot of interesting and unique content that we can watch so Tiktok can grow rapidly among Indonesian netizens.

When it comes to things that are viral, Tiktok is the main actor in this case, that’s why Tiktok has so many users, even Indonesian netizens, if their cellphone doesn’t have the Tik tok application, it’s like being a jerk and out of date. With so many viral things that have emerged, we can receive interesting news and campaigns on social media.

Tik tok is also currently finding something that is becoming a trending topic for netizens due to donations made by Tiktok, the donation uses a short moving image icon that we usually call a gif. The definition of a gif is a short video with a maximum duration of 5 seconds and the image or video is repeated 3 times, so we can assume a gif is the same as a Boomerang but is shaped like an expression.

What is a Lion Gif? Here’s the explanation

Gif Lion TikTok How Much Rupiah

For some time there has been a viral trending topic that uses the gif icon as a reporting tool, because the gif shows a lion in the video which is only 3 seconds long.

Maybe if we look at it at a glance we won’t know what is the meaning behind the gif that is being discussed on tiktok but some sources say the gif has a price and the money from selling the gif will be used as a donation, although it has been briefly explained there are still many netizens who don’t know what this trend means.

It turns out that if we look further, the lion gif is an appreciation for Tiktok viewers who have faithfully accompanied Tiktok until now, because if there are no fans from the Tiktok application, this social media application will not get any benefit from the adsen they get. This appreciation is in the form of a donation so that we can give the best for watching tiktok, so we can conclude that the term is from the audience and for the audience.

Tiktok also thanks the viewers and followers on Tiktok who made this application able to develop and become an application that can already compete with other social media, of course we already know that social media applications were dominated by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, from these challenges, Tiktok has made itself an application that is different from the others so that many Indonesian netizens are interested in installing this one social media application.

In addition to the audience, the donation is intended for content creators who are never bored to always provide the best content and the latest news so that Tiktok does not become a social media application that lacks fans so that no one ever visits this social media application. The donation is intended to make content creators more enthusiastic in building their business on the Tiktok application.

Gif Lion TikTok How Much Rupiah? Here’s the explanation

It has been mentioned above that this has a price, right? The akip is to make a donation as well as an appreciation for viewers and content creators who have accompanied Tiktok for years, some netizens may be curious about how much this lion gif costs so that it can be used as a donation for viewers and content creators. .

In this article, we will discuss the prices of Ki lions which have gone viral on Tiktok so that they can become the number 1 trending topic on the Tiktok application. We need to know from this it has various expressions and from that expression the price of a lion gif can be determined.

For one lion gif coin is priced at Rp. 17,500 but we can donate for as appreciation we have to reach 30000 coins. So if in total the gif has a price of Rp. 6,000,000, the price is fantastic for the level of donation, but some say it is very appropriate because tiktok has become an application that is very popular with netizens in cyberspace. So they prefer to watch Tiktok instead of watching TV to see viral news.

Thus the article that we can convey may be useful, wait for our next update for interesting articles from our site.