Giving birth when infected with the Corona Virus, this mother just met her baby after 2 months! – A new woman can meet her baby who was born 2 months ago due to the Covid-19 corona virus.

A woman named Macenzee Keller gave birth to her baby under sedation and intubation due to being infected with the Covid-19 corona virus.

Because of that, she was separated from her baby for some time before giving birth until she recovered from the Covid-19 corona virus.

“It was a very emotional experience for me. Finally, I was able to meet and see my long-awaited baby,” Keller said. Newsweek.

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Keller’s experience reflects the long-lasting and severe effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Keller’s experience also caused very mild symptoms in some patients and prolonged illness in others.

newborn illustration (Pexels/Isaac Taylor)
newborn illustration (Pexels/Isaac Taylor)

Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine said that more than half of people tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus in October 2021.

Many people who recover from the Covid-19 corona virus also experience long-term side effects called Long Covid-19.

Keller himself tested positive for the corona virus on December 7, 2021. He was short of breath and was rushed to the hospital.

Because she was infected with the coronavirus, she gave birth by caesarean section, was sedated and intubated at the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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After being transferred to another medical center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, he underwent special blood oxygenation treatment while still under sedation.

Previously, Keller had not been vaccinated and planned to inject the Covid-19 vaccine after giving birth.

She admitted that she was nervous about getting vaccinated during pregnancy, for fear it could cause complications.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends vaccination with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for pregnant women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also recommends vaccination for pregnant women.

“Vaccinations can protect you from severe infection with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The most important thing is that both mother and baby are healthy,” the CDC said.

If you are pregnant, you can consult your doctor before getting vaccinated.