Goa Pinus Malang, Latest Photo Spots, Entrance Tickets and Locations

The Malang Pine Cave is one of the destinations to find a contemporary photo spot in Batu Malang. This tourist spot is also close to the wooden house tour and also the Batu paragliding tour

Opening hours:07.00-17.30 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000/person
Address:gg. Mbah Ba’i, Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java 65391
Public facilities:Viewpoints, photo spots, etc
Access Road:Not too bad
Online Maps:View Maps
Pine Cave
Photo (c) @intanprmtsr93

Pine Cave

Named Pine Cave because there you can find a cave excavated by the Japanese in ancient times that had been abandoned.

The length of the cave is only 5 meters, while the height is about 1.5 meters. For those whose height is above 150 cm, it is expected to look down.

But the cave is not the main attraction there are still many interesting places in Goa Pinus.

The existence of the cave is also not required to be entered, because from outside the cave you can already get interesting photos. Because on the outside of the cave there are ornaments that make it interesting to be used as a photo background.

Goa Pinus is a place that was once used as a mine. But over time, mining that is no longer used is turned into a tourist spot that is quite popular in cyberspace.

If you search for Goa Pinus tours on Instagram, you won’t have a hard time finding several accounts that display photos of them while they were there.

Don’t miss it, especially if you are located in Malang City, East Java, as a young person, you must visit this place. Prove that you are a child today!

Besides Goa Pinus, there are lots of pine trees. The air is cool, we are also presented with a beautiful view of Mount Arjuna. Stepping into the afternoon a little, the eyes will also be spoiled by the sunset hiding behind the mountain.

And as I said earlier, Pine Cave has a lot of interesting things. Not just caves, and not just pine trees.
Curious about anything?

However, the Pinus Cave tour is more devoted to those of you who are hunting for photos. So here does not include rides or the like.

Eh, but there is a game vehicle, namely a place for archery. The rest are mostly inhabited by objects for photos.

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Pine Cave Photo Spot

You can see interesting spots in Goa Pinus when you first enter this tour. Right on the welcome board, you can see the beauty of old wood arranged in such a way. You can use the spot as a background as proof you’ve been to this place. Remembering on the welcome board, it says ‘Welcome Pine Cave’.

Go inside again, you will be greeted by several resting places, call it a joglo. The joglo is attractively shaped, made of wood. The point is for a seat but you can also make it your photo object.

Further, there are photo spots that are no less interesting. That is a ship whose end is in the wind, sitting on the tip of the ship can make you look like you are boarding a ship in the air.

Then the icon of this tour is the house of Papua. Shaped like a mushroom, located near the cliffs of the Pine Caves. Take pictures there with a good angle, you can take a background of a ravine that reveals the beautiful countryside in the area.

Not inferior to the rural view from the cliffs of Goa Pinus, the papu house is also interesting to be the object of your photo.

For more details on what objects I mean, you can see them in the form of the following photo.

Pine Cave Ticket Prices

Each person is charged 5,000 to enter. This number does not include tickets for other rides such as the Papua house and the Rabbit Park.

Oh yes, in this place there is also another tour called the Rabbit Park. Suitable when bringing small children to the park. Because the tour puts education first, you can also enjoy the culinary arts of rabbit satay there.

Each entry ticket for these rides is charged the same fee. That is 5,000.

Pine Cave Location

If you drive from downtown Batu, it only takes you 25 minutes. The distance from there is about 11.6 km.

Just go to the Pujon area, Gunungsari Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City, East Java Province. Arriving at Pujon, you will be assisted by several directions, so that it will be easier for you to reach your destination. Or if you are confused, you can ask the local people.

Unfortunately, the roads still don’t support public transportation. We recommend that you come using a private vehicle only.

Goa Pinus itself, apart from being a tourist destination for teenagers, is also suitable for families. Reached by motor vehicle or car is still comfortable.

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Pinus Batu Caves Photo Gallery of Malang

Photo (c) @about_ngalam
Ma'am why is she so cool
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What are you looking at?
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Don't run, get tired, just walk
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I'm flying, but boong
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Ma'am hatched
Photo (c) @hanascheffer

And that’s what I can explain, if you have any questions, just comment. That is all and thank you.