Google Brings 15 Minutes Clear Search History Feature to Android, Jakarta – Android phones have the feature to delete search history in the last 15 minutes to the Google Chrome application. This feature was finally presented by Google after iOS-based devices got it first last year.

Clear search history in 15 minutes on Google Chrome will be releasing persistently to Android devices in the next few weeks.

“We are currently rolling out this new feature on the Google app for Android. Everyone can use it in the next few weeks,” Google spokesman Ned Adriance was quoted as saying Telset from The VergeMonday (21/3/2022).

He explained, this feature is automatic. This means that if it is activated, the feature will automatically delete the search history every 15 minutes.

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To activate it, please open the Google application on your Android phone, then open the profile photo section, select Browsing History and look for the Delete last 15 min option.

This 15-minute delete search history feature was introduced at the 2021 Google I/O event and released to iOS users after that in July 2021. It took a very long time until Google finally brought the 15-minute clear history feature to Android phones.

So is the feature only present on Android and iOS? There is no further information regarding whether Google plans to bring this delete history feature to desktop or PC/laptop users.

Ned Adriance only said that Google also offers a feature that is able to automatically delete search history in the last 3, 18, or 36 months.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to bring this useful feature to another surface,” Ned added.

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Okay, for you Android users from now on you can check the Google application to make sure whether the feature is available or not.

If you have, you can activate it so you don’t have to bother manually deleting your search history and privacy can be better maintained. If not, please be patient because the feature is being rolled out gradually. (NM/MF)