Governor Anies Inaugurates JPO Phinisi Karet Sudirman

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, inaugurated the pedestrian bridge (JPO) and the thematic bicycle pedestrian bridge (JPS) Phinisi Karet Sudirman, Thursday (10/3/2022). The bridge revitalization process has gone through various stages, namely the design stage since 2019, the execution process from April to December 2021, and the inauguration today.

The revitalization was carried out because the existing condition of the JPO had previously been damaged, the structure weakened and the appearance was dull so it was not feasible and unsafe to use. In addition, along Jalan Sudirman to Simpang Senayan, there is no roundabout facility for bicycle users.

“This bridge is designed to be able to facilitate the public, including cyclists who pass on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman to be able to cross. With this pedestrian bridge, those who use bicycles as a means of transportation can have access in the middle to move from the West to the East or the East to the East. West,” said Anies.

1. Phinisi ship concept

Governor Anies Inaugurates JPO Phinisi Karet SudirmanRevitalization of JPO Karet (

Anies explained that the JPO and JPS were built with a modern concept, equipped with a phinisi ship-themed platform. In addition, there is also an appreciation gallery dedicated to remembering the struggles and sacrifices of medical personnel in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This JPO and JPS then become a place to express our respect, our appreciation for the medical personnel who have become our last line of defense, to save others. Some of them have passed away, and their names are permanently engraved in this place as a form of recognition. award,” he said.

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2. Become an iconic JPO

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Governor Anies Inaugurates JPO Phinisi Karet SudirmanRevitalization of JPO Karet (

The former Minister of Education and Culture also hopes that JPO/JPS Phinisi Karet Sudirman will become an icon of the City of Jakarta. Namely, as a tough, resilient city and its citizens reflect the culture as a global city that is reckoned with in the international arena.

The JPO, which resembles a phinisi ship, is the result of a collaboration led by Anies. In addition to being iconic, JPO Phinisi Karet Sudirman shows the partisanship of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to pedestrians.

3. Connecting Jalan Jenderal Sudirman towards Blok M and Monas

Governor Anies Inaugurates JPO Phinisi Karet SudirmanRevitalization of JPO Karet (

JPO with an open model again presents a new face of Jakarta in public spaces. At the same time, it becomes the third space for Jakarta residents at the main node of business activities.

The DKI Provincial Government explained that the Phinisi Karet Sudirman JPO/JPS has a unique design, because there are two straight and curved bridges that connect Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in the direction of Blok M and Monas. In addition, the JPO/JPS has been integrated with the TransJakarta Karet bus stop.

This JPO has elevator facilities for groups of people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, and cyclists. Then there are load sensor facilities, CCTV, viewing platforms, as well as decorative and artistic lights (Futuristic RGB).

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