Grealish is a fool if he is frustrated because of the number of goals

Gamespool Banner, Indonesia – Pep Guardiola commenting on the performance of his most expensive player, Jack Grealish. Overall he is quite satisfied with the stellar performance Manchester City.

Until now, Grealish has only scored four goals for City. This record is considered disappointing considering the official price which reaches 100 million pounds.

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But Pep Guardiola has no problem with goals. He actually considers the former Aston Villa stupid if he feels frustrated because of his lack of goals. The most important thing for him is to play well and contribute to the team.

“If he’s frustrated with his goal tally he’s an idiot. There’s no need to be frustrated by goals. He has to play and play well to do his best. That’s all he has to do,” said the skipper, Sunday (6/3/2022).

Pep Guardiola Praises Tottenham's Attacking Trio (Daily Mail)
Daily Mail

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“If you do everything and do your best it’s already very good. A player has to do his best in every game and that is enough.”

Pep Guardiola has no problem with Jack Grealish scoring goals

Jack Grealish has only played 17 times in the Premier League this season, scoring two goals and providing two assists. Its performance has actually decreased lately.

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England national team players have been fasting for goals in the last 11 matches. His name also does not contribute as a giver of assists. Even in the last two games he was not played.

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SB Nation

Pep Guardiola actually has no problem with Grealish. Because he believes his players can still contribute.

“The important thing is to play well, help the team to win and be part of something that we are one unit,” he said.

“It’s really good if he scores 20 goals, 30 goals or 40 goals. But if he doesn’t do it it doesn’t matter.”