Great IG Effects For Selfies, Videos, Scenery, Boys & Girls – One way to make photos more interesting is by using nice IG effect. Did you know that Instagram social media provides some cool effects? You can take from the features that have been provided, or from other users who made it.

There are lots of effects that can be used to make selfie photos better. You can choose several of them and try them one by one, but of course it depends on the background or the position where you take the photo. The reason is, so that the theme and goals you mean can be conveyed.

Instagram can indeed be said to be a unique social media and deserve to be used. How not, while other social media provide many opportunities to use captions, Instagram does not. You can only create video or image content. Even if there is text, at least it is only a caption or subtitle on the video.

Of course it’s not interesting if you take a selfie, then share it directly on your IG account, right? We are sure that you also want to post cool, unique, creative and even celebrity-like photos. No need to do editing to get good photos. You can immediately use the good IG effects that are on the social media.

Recommendations for Good and Viral IG Effect Names

There are so many Instagram effect names that you can get, both from creator content and taking directly from the filters provided. However, what are widely used and currently viral are effects made by creative hands or those that have been used by celebrities. If you want to use it, please adjust it to the category of effect you want to use so you don’t have trouble finding it. Here we have collected the names of the viral IG effects according to their respective categories!

Nice IG Effects for Scenery

One of the interesting things about Instagram is that you can create your own effects. Moreover, these effects can later be used by other accounts, so viral opportunities can be much easier. If you like vacations and are enjoying the scenery, the following nice Instagram effect names for the scene might work for you!

  • Moon
  • Hefe
  • Reyes
  • Toaster
  • Lark
  • Juno
  • Sierra’s
  • Hudson

Good IG Effect Names for Boy Selfies

Do you like selfies and want the best results? You can use the IG effect for selfies of guys that have been found a lot. If you don’t know the name, below we provide a recommendation!

  • Red Blue Background by @fariznugra
  • DJ Always Dita Kerang by @renaldifadli
  • When He Likes Me by @rayfaldo and @iksanarsana
  • Bang Bang Big Bang by @rayfaldo
  • How Cute Are You by @sonystark
  • Dinosaurs by @rizkyyfazz and @vieryvito
  • Still Lost Far! by @wahab_379
  • 90s Photo by @hansraii
  • Angkot by @farisaprilio
  • Test Boy by @iamsigityudianto
  • Ngaji Yuks by @ramnsvrif
  • Test Fakgirl by @iamsigityudianto
  • Pantun Gombal by @dwikiferdi99
  • Love I Miss You by @iamsigityudianto
  • Old Face by @dwikiferdi99

Nice IG Effect Names For Girl Selfies

No need to doubt the ‘loyalty’ of girls when it comes to selfies. The level of self-confidence that is owned is certainly much higher than men. But if you only have PD with capital, it’s definitely not good and not cool. Well, we’ve rounded up the names of the Instagram effects for girls who want the perfect selfie.

  • Daisy by @tikadew_
  • Rose Bling by @tikadew_
  • Tartar by @arsiutari8
  • inKraVtania by @x.x_erica_x.x
  • Good Vibes by @glowupbyandin
  • Daisies by @janineintansari
  • Minimalist by @nadianraulya
  • Kindness Maddie Ziegler by @maddieziegler
  • Stormi Butterfly by @kylicosmetics
  • Beauty3000 by @johwska
  • Mono by @ya.molli
  • Infra by @yeahwowcool
  • Milk by @ya.molli
  • Have you ever? by @ferdayss
  • Disposable Camera by @mnvshr

Good IG Effect For Night (Dark)

One of the problems that are often faced when taking photos is the lack of lighting. Usually occurs at night or also in dark places. In order to still give good results at night, you may need the following IG effects!

  • Amsterdam by @m.brewko
  • Kodak Gold by @gezsang
  • 1998 by @tsvlena
  • Nat&Clean by @nataliavin_
  • 35mm by @stevenjerryy
  • Disposable by @gezsang
  • Isabella by @awkarin
  • Gaussian Blur by @gezsang
  • Minimalist by @qamarjufry
  • Juno by @unknown
  • Vintage 3 by @crep.francesca
  • Low Light by @rz.mhmmd_
  • Chromatic by @unknown
  • Lark by @unknown
  • Lomo Art by @unknown

IG Effects Celebrities Like to Use

Celebrities often create and use effects that are going viral, even those who make them go viral. There’s nothing wrong if you want to be famous too by following and using effects like them. Curious about the names of the IG effects that Selebgram likes to use? Below is the list!

  • Let It, Snow
  • Heaven
  • Outline
  • NKCTHI 1.0
  • Love Letter
  • The Edit
  • Infra
  • Senopati
  • sparkle
  • Disposable
  • Seminyak
  • Smooth
  • Lalasa
  • Valencia
  • Lark
  • Juno
  • Gingham

Fire Glasses IG Effect Name

Have you ever seen a photo of someone wearing glasses, where there is fire in the glasses they are wearing? Well, he’s using the IG effect of the fire glasses. You can also use it by choosing one of the effects below!

  • Aesthetic_Fuego by @robertobrendo
  • Rude Chimpanzes by @aditya.susanto
  • Fligel Sunglasses by @fligeldesign
  • Glass by @thanfran

How to Add Photo Effects on Instagram

Have you found the name of the effect you’re looking for? Please use it immediately if you already know how. If you don’t know it, here we have summarized how to add photo effects on Instagram to make it more interesting!

  • Open the Instagram application on the cellphone.
  • Visit the account you are appraising and open the photo whose effect you are appraising.
  • Click ‘try the effect’ (a notification will appear if available).
  • If you have tried and matched, please save the effect for later use.
  • Some of the effects are commercial in nature, so you’ll need a subscription to use them.


Please try some good and worthy IG effects that has shared above. Although there are many others, we think the name of the Instagram effect is quite representative. You can look it up yourself if you don’t find any that match.