GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

GTA SA Lite – GTA games have been popular for a long time because they have interesting and exciting game patterns so that GTA game users don’t get bored.

GTA games are usually in urban areas, which are equipped with many buildings and busy streets with vehicles.

GTA is usually played on PS but with the development of current technology GTA can now be played via PC, Laptop or gadgets with the GTA SA Lite version which has been modified into a Mod Apk,

To play the GTA SA Lite Game, you can use a Mod Apk that has been modified to be able to play GTA games on Android or other smart devices, the file size is not large so it doesn’t take up space on the device.

If you want to reminisce about the GTA San Andreas game, you can try it by playing the latest version of the GTA SA Lite game, for this game we use the Mod Apk so that it has more complete game features.

The admin will share a link to download GTA SA Lite Indonesia along with the latest version of the OBB file. How to download and how to play the admin will also review in full in this article.

About GTA SA Lite

GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

GTA SA Lite is a Mod Apk which has almost the same gameplay as the GTA San Andreas game but in this Mod Apk it compresses its size to be smaller than the original game.

We can play the GTA Mod Apk game using devices such as Android smartphones, PCs or laptops because of the size that it is very possible to install on many devices.

The developer of the GTA San Andreas Game is Rockstar, at that time the GTA game was widely played on PS 2 and had many fans.

Currently we can still play GTA games without having to use PS 2 because it can be played on PC or Android devices.

This small file size certainly affects the features because the developer has removed some game features or missions so that the size becomes smaller.

But for the GTA SA Lite game, it is still no less exciting than the original version of the GTA game, if you want to try playing and reminiscing with the GTA game, the admin will provide the link.

GTA SA Lite Mod Features

GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

There are so many features that can be found in the GTA San Andreas Lite Game because the developer has modified it so that this game has pretty good features and can be played for free.

Besides being free, this game has Indonesian language so that it becomes easier for us to use the GTA SA Lite Mod game, and to see more complete features, please read below.

1. Support Indonesian

If the GTA Game on PS 2 uses English, but the GTA SE lite game Mod Apk changes the language choice so that it can use Indonesian.

The GTA SA Lite game is equipped with a choice of Indonesian language so that it will make it easier for users when making various game settings or others.

2. High Graphic Quality

The convenience of a game is none other than the good quality of the graphics so that gamers will become more comfortable.

The graphics provided in the GTA San Andreas Lite Mod Indonesia game are of very good and high quality, even the news circulating is above HD quality so that it will be more exciting when playing GTA games in this Mod Apk version.

3. Customize Control Settings

The next feature that GTA Mod Apk users can take advantage of is being able to make changes to control settings to make it easier when playing the game.

If you feel uncomfortable with the control points that already exist in the GTA SA Lite Mod game, you can change them as you wish so that you can find the right and comfortable control points when playing this game.

4. Cloud Save

The GTA Mod Apk game storage system has excellent features that are usually found in moba games to be able to store game data or files in a special storage space as well as this game.

GTA SA lite has a Cloud Save feature so we can save game data in this game directly to the save Cloud, interestingly this feature is available for free in the Mod version.

5. Exciting and Interesting Missions

As we know the GTA game has lots of very exciting missions, these missions can also be found in the SA Lite version of the GTA game that we are currently discussing.

The number of missions provided by the developer makes the players more challenging and doesn’t get bored quickly, for the mission, you can try it while playing the GTA SA Lite game.

6. Bluetooth Gamepad

An equally exciting feature that you can enjoy while playing the GTA SA Lite Mod Apk game is the GamePad Bluetooth feature so that it will benefit its users more.

This Bluetooth Gamepad feature is a feature that is provided for free and can be used directly when you play GTA games, so let’s try playing GTA with the Bluetooth Gamepad feature.

7. Light/Small File Size

As the admin explained above, the GTA SA Lite game comes with a fairly light file size because it has been modified from the original game so that its use will not burden the performance of the phone itself.

Its light size allows the game to be played on lower middle class android smartphones, so for those who are curious and want to play this GTA game, please download it via the link that the admin has provided.

8. Multiple Vehicles

In the GTA game, of course, we often see various vehicles passing by with the many types or types of cars available, in the GTA Mod Apk version, it also has many variations for the type and type of vehicle.

The vehicle features available in GTA SA Lite Mod include Cars of various types and types, motorbikes of many types, tricycles, bicycles, trains, planes all available in the GTA San Andreas Lite apk mod game.

Download the Latest GTA SA LITE Mod Apk 2022

GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

After explaining the various features of the GTA SA Lite mod apk, now is the time for us to download the game, the admin will explain in full for the link and how to download it.

To download the mod apk version, you usually can’t download it through the playstore because this game is a remodeled game that has been made by a third party.

This means that it is not the original game but there is no need to worry because many sites provide a small/light size download link for GTA SA Lite Mod Apk Indonesia.

To download the GTA San Andreas Mod Apk game, we have prepared the link, the link can be downloaded for free and can be installed on Android or other devices, here is the full review.

NameGTA SA Lite
VersionNew Version
OS SupportAndroid 4.4+
Root SystemNo need

That’s a link that you can use to be able to play the GTA San Andreas Lite game, in addition to providing a link to download the file here, it will also provide information on how to install it.

In addition to downloading the game, you also have to download the OBB GTA SA Lite file from Grant Theft auto san andreas lite mod apk. After everything is complete, let’s follow how to install the game so that it can be played on a smartphone.

How to Install GTA SA Lite Mod Apk

GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

After the download is complete, we will help provide how to install the file, make sure you download it completely with the OBB file because the GTA game data is in the OBB file, so it is mandatory to download the OBB file with the same version.

To install the GTA SA Lite Mod Apk, it is different from the game installation available in the Playstore, because we have to combine the game with the OBB file so that we can play games like GTA Original, here is the install.

  • Make sure you have downloaded GTA complete with the OBB file
  • Select the settings available in the smartphone
  • Select the security menu or Security
  • Select activate unknown sources
  • go to menu File Manager
  • then select the Download menu
  • Look for the GTA game file and please select install
  • Wait until the GTA game install process is successful
  • if successful please can directly connect to the OBB file

If you don’t know how to install the OBB file from GTA San Andreas Mod Indonesia, please see the steps below.

How to Install GTA SA Lite OBB Files

GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesia Latest Version 2022 Small Size

If we have successfully installed the GTA game, then there is the next step that must be passed, namely connecting the OBB file with the GTA game so that all the features can be obtained in full.

How to combine OBB files with games with games? how to connect the OBB file can be done with several steps that we have prepared, here is a way to unify the GTA game with the OBB file.

  • The first step is to make sure you have installed the OBB file
  • Go to the polder file select rockstargames.gtasa.
  • Continue to enter Files Then select the GTA3 folder and select the Texdb folder again
  • Continue by selecting the GTA folder and the pvr.dat file
  • Then just change the name of the pvr.dat folder to dxt.dat.
  • Then go to the earliest folder and please change the folder name , and folder to mobile,dxt.dat, and
  • Finished

That’s the step in order to be able to combine OBB files with GTA games, please do it carefully and thoroughly so that the process of merging files with games is successful as expected.

Please be able to try and feel the thrill of the GTA game with the Mod Apk version. after the game is successfully connected to the OBB file, the performance will be very different because basically almost all the deepest features in the OBB file, so make sure you have combined the game with the file.

Strengths and weaknesses

The use of GTA SA Lite, of course, has several advantages that you will get, but it does not escape all its shortcomings.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this lite version? For more details, please see below.

The file size is quite smallNot all smartphones support
Can be used on lower-middle class phonesIllegal application (modified)
Has support for IndonesianCannot update automatically
HD clear graphic qualityMalware or virus prone apps
Various MOD vehicles availableSometimes the app exits by itself

Is GTA SA Lite Apk Safe?

Maybe many of you are questioning, is the use of GTA San Andreas Lite in Indonesian safe to use?

Until now, the use of the apk file is still very safe, but to get other new features, you must always update to the latest version.

So, to get the latest version of GTA SA Lite, you can continue to monitor it every day.


The GTA SA Lite game is a Mod Apk game developed by a third party to reduce the file size so that it can be played on Android smartphones and played on laptops or computers.

The Mod Apk game itself is still illegal, so the installation process is a little more difficult than the official game as you usually install on the Playstore.

However, the quality and features that you get when playing the GTA San Andreas Lite Mod Apk game will be more exciting when compared to the original game.

Thus a review of the latest version of GTA SA Lite Mod Apk Indonesia that we can convey, hopefully it will be useful. Thank you and happy playing!