Guide to Redeem Code Genshin Impact – GOODGAME.ID

Genshin Impact provides a code that is always updated every day so that it can be redeemed by its users. For those of you who are still beginners in playing this game, see the explanation on how to easily redeem the Genshin Impact code below.

Redeem Genshin Impact Code Through Browser

The first alternative, you can redeem this amme code through a special Genshin Impact page that can be accessed via a browser. The first step to take is to access the page first.

Then, continue by logging into your miHoYo account and selecting the server that will be used to redeem the code. Next, you will find instructions asking to enter the redeem code for this Genshin Impact game.

Type the code to be redeemed one by one correctly and carefully again so that no input errors occur. Continue by clicking the redeem menu so that you can send free primogens to the mailbox in the Genshin impact game.

Redeem Code via Genshine Impact App

The next way to redeem the Genshin Impact code is through the game application directly so it’s not complicated. The first step that must be done is to just open the Genshin Impact game.

Next, click Paimon which is in the upper left corner of the initial screen of this game. Then, go to the Genshin Impact game settings menu by clicking the gear icon. On this settings menu you have to tap on account option. Next, click the redeem code option.

After that, you will be asked to enter the redeem code, click exchange, and wait for a notification to appear. If the notification from this game has appeared, it indicates that the redeem code process has been successful.

The last step that needs to be done is to go to the Genshin Impact game mailbox menu and click on the claim all option. This process is useful for moving all items and primogems to your Genshin Impact account inventory.

Genshin Impact Code Redeem Benefits

Having a Genshin Impact code is quite profitable if you have already redeemed it. This is because the prizes for redeeming the Genshin Impact code are very interesting and varied. Moreover, these prizes can be obtained for free without having to pay any fees.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get primogems that you can use to get new character gatchas or weapons. Usually, redeeming this code is done by new players to give attractive prizes.

The code benefits you a lot to increase your inventory for more collections. For new Genshin Imapct players, you can look for codes that can be redeemed to get interesting collections that are sometimes difficult to get.

When can Genshin Impact Code be redeemed

The Genshin Impact code can be redeemed when you first access this game and consider it a gift for beginners. Usually, the Genshin Impact game code will be updated regularly which needs to be searched repeatedly so as not to miss the update.

Immediately activate your Genshin Impact game so you can immediately claim a new code and get a prize immediately. Make sure you enter the code correctly so that all the prizes can be claimed successfully.

This Genshin Impact code can only be redeemed once for one account. If you want to redeem this code, create a new account to get attractive prizes. Before that, make sure your Genshin Impact account has entered adventure level 10.

How to redeem the Genshin Impact code is very easy and can be done by novice players. Make sure you know the latest Genshin Impact code so you can redeem it the right way, either through the browser or the game application directly.