Halal Money Making Applications Without Inviting Friends Without Capital

BantenDay.co.id – The presence of many money-making applications is apparently still not enough for some people. It is proven by the number of people who are looking for halal money-making applications. This one can mean that there are most of the money making application platforms still not trusted about halal or not.

This is not a problem, because there are many other money-making applications that you can still use. And again, halal to use. Although it is possible that the money you will get is not too much. It’s still the same with money-making applications in general.

There are several applications that will be recommended. Some you can download directly from the Play Store or App Store and some you can download through websites or third-party sites.

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Here are some list of generating applications that you can use:

Recommended Halal Money Making Applications

Methods to earn money from some of the applications that will be recommended, do not seem to contain things that are prohibited by the Shari’a. For example, just by reading articles, watching videos, watching advertisements, and just inviting friends to also use similar applications.

Here’s the list:

1. CashKarma Rewards

The first application that you can use to earn money is CashKarma Rewards. This application was developed by the developer, appKarma, which provides an opportunity for its users to earn money from here.

The way to get the money is also quite easy. You only need to take some suggested surveys and also complete the missions given in this application.

Later, the money you get can be disbursed through various methods. You can withdraw money via PayPal, Google Play balance, Starbucks, and several other payment methods.

To be able to exchange money, you only need to carry out some of the missions given. After you complete several missions, you will be given points that you can collect first. Here, before you exchange money, it’s better to collect a lot of points first so that more money can be exchanged.

2. Cashzine: Hot Buzz Break News

The second recommended app is Cashzine: Hot Buzz Break News. As stated in the name, this application is suitable for those of you who are reading enthusiasts. In this application, your task is only to read various articles and news in it.

You don’t have to worry about being bored, because the various topics of articles and news that you can enjoy will be adjusted to your preferences and interests in certain topics.

The way to earn money from this application is also very easy. You just need to read a lot and just collect the coins which are rewards because you have read articles or news from this application.

Later, you better collect a lot of coins first so that the money you will exchange will also increase. The method of exchange also varies. You can use PayPal, Dana, Gcash, and you can also directly use your bank account number.

3. Buzz Break

The third recommended app is Buzz Break. The method to get points/coins that can be exchanged for money, is to read various news and articles on topics that you like.

Read as much as possible and collect points according to what has been determined. But, it’s not just reading that you can do in this application. You can also watch unique and interesting videos that have been provided in it.

For example, whenever you are tired of reading, you can move to get entertainment by watching the various videos that are available. And again, there are also many funny videos for you so you don’t get bored using this application. Similar to reading, watching videos here can also earn points.

Apart from these two things, you can also use other methods, namely by frequently checking in daily into the Cashzine application and also inviting friends. Do some of these things and make a lot of money from there.

4. Cash Pop

The fourth recommended application is Cash Pop. In this app, you can earn money just by having fun. The method is easy, you only need to play the various games provided in the Cash Pop application.

Apart from playing games, there are also many other interesting features such as browsing, chatting with other Cash Pop users, reading news, searching for videos or pictures, and several other fun things.

The conditions for getting money from Cash Pop are very easy. You only need to spend a long time to open and do some of the activities mentioned above.

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The longer you use this application, the more money you can exchange. However, if it’s still not enough, you can still invite your friends to install and use this application as well.

After you have accumulated a lot of points, then you can exchange them for credit, internet data, game vouchers, shopping vouchers, and so on.

Those are some recommendations halal money making app which you can use. Don’t worry, there are no ways or methods of getting money that violate the provisions. You only need to watch videos, play games, and also read the news to be able to earn a lot of money.