Hands-on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, Medium Phone but Luxury Features

Uzone.id – Samsung launched a new member of the A Series globally, namely the Galaxy A33 5G and Galaxy A53 5G. As in the previous series, there are a number of new features, such as: flagship offered in this device.

Coincidence, team Uzone Indonesia had the opportunity to briefly try out one of these phones, the A53 5G. Even if it’s brief, we have a good impression of this phone.

Here are the results of our short review


Before going further into the specifications, let’s first talk about the design. Our first impression of the Galaxy A53 5G has a design that is still similar to the Galaxy A52.

However, this time the latest version has a slimmer-looking design that is so comfortable to hold, and we like that there are no more rigid rounded corners compared to the previous generation.

When you hold it, the Galaxy A53 5G really feels familiar to consumers, because the dimensions of 74.8 x 159.6 x 8.1mm are a standard of comfort.

On the right side are the volume up and down buttons, and the power button. More comfortable when used in one hand.

The phone features a speaker at the bottom along with a USB-C port, and yes there is no 3.5mm jack port. This is the era of the ecosystem.

While on the back there is a ‘home’ for four cameras. Well, here’s something new compared to the previous version of the Galaxy A52.

We feel that compared to the previous generation, the camera holder has been made slimmer so that the lenses don’t stick out too much.

Don’t forget, Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to IP67 pinning, which means that apart from being anti-dust, it can also be invited to dive at a certain depth.


The screen of the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with a span of 6.5 inches FHD + SuperAmoled with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, Infinity-0 Display, which seems to be a trend for Samsung.

Oh yes, this medium phone also supports a 120Hz refresh rate which is sure to be very smooth for surfing and playing games.

However, the adaptive features that are usually available on Samsung’s flagship phones are not available on the Galaxy A53 5G. This means that users have to manually adjust their needs between 90Hz or 120Hz, if they don’t want the battery boncos.


Moving on to the camera, there are four lenses equipped on the Galaxy A53 5G. First at the top is a 12MP F2.2 Ultrawide lens, a 64MP F2.2 main lens, a 5 MP F2.4 depth lens, and a 5 MP F2.4 resolution macro lens.

While the front camera is present for selfies with a resolution of 32MP, F2.2.

The camera feature that attracts us is the presence of high resolution with OIS on the Galaxy A53 5G, so that when taking still pictures or while moving, the picture remains sharp, even when taking videos, the motion remains stable.

When taking photos landscapein-zoom stay sharp. This camera also has a very smooth bokeh, the gradations offered in the photo are even sharper than before.

There is actually a NightMode feature on the Galaxy A53 5G which according to records is able to condense 12 images into one, so that when low light conditions become more awesome. Unfortunately we have not been able to try this dim condition.

Here are the photos:

Bokeh photo results

Selfie results


Regarding the performance, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy A53 5G with an Exynos 1280 processor with 5nm power. Exactly as many have guessed so far.

The tandem is RAM Plus 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB combined with 256GB ROM. Feeling not enough? Calm down there is a microSD slot that is able to suffice up to 1TB.

Oh yes, it was mentioned above that there is a RAM Plus feature on the Galaxy A53 5G, meaning that users can choose how many RAM numbers are tailored to their needs.

The default RAM is 4GB, if you need something faster, it can be added to 6GB to 8GB. Great isn’t it?

Don’t worry about charging continuously, because the Galaxy A53 5G is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery, an upgrade from its 4,500 mAh predecessor, with 25 watts of fast charging, it takes 60 to 70 minutes to be full.

As far as holding this phone, the Galaxy A53 5G is very worthy of being a wishlist for those of you who need a high-spec phone but the price doesn’t strangle the pocket.


We are amazed that Samsung is making this mid-range phone even more classy. But don’t be confused, there are still some differences that are only found on cellphones such as the Galaxy S Series or the Fold Series.

However, this is a mainstay for you to be able to buy on a limited budget but still want to have a cellphone with luxurious features.

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