Have an allergy to water, this girl’s skin will itch and feel painful when exposed to liquid

Suara.com – Abbie Plummer, 19, of Maidstone, Kent, has an allergy to water. He will experience a painful itching reaction every time his skin is exposed to water.

He also had to hold back tears so that his tears didn’t fall to his skin when he experienced this reaction. Because crying will only make it worse.

This rare condition makes Abbie must avoid fluids at all costs. In fact, he will limit shower time to no more than 10 minutes and try not to get caught in the rain.

Abbie is also allergic to her own tears, which can make her eyes itchy and swollen.

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At first, doctors thought Abbie was allergic to shampoo or conditioner. But his condition did not improve even though he had replaced sensitive skin-friendly products.

Abbie Plummer (Facebook)
Abbie Plummer (Facebook)

She was referred to a dermatologist in 2018. Nine months later the doctor asked Abbie for a test and it was found that the girl was suffering from Aquagenic Urticaria.

Even so, Abbie is still fine when it comes to drinking water.

“I’m fine when I drink water because it doesn’t have any effect on my internal organs. It only happens to the skin. If it rains heavily, I get skin inflammation,” Abbie explained. Mirror.

The longer Abbie’s skin is in contact with water, the more symptoms develop. Namely from reddening to itching.

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Abbie received prescription medication from the doctor to relieve her symptoms. Regular exercise can also help control symptoms.

“With sweat, this is a little easier to deal with. Usually my skin will darken and UV rays from the sun help my skin not itchy,” he continued.

This girl admits that without medication, her allergic reaction can be very severe and painful.