Have Many Great Works, Here Are 5 Famous Figures in the Game World

All games with big names are certainly made very professionally by the people behind the scenes. Well, in the life of a game, there must be an important figure or figure who owns the idea. Much like directors, producers, or scriptwriters, they also have a majority share in the publication of many major games.

well, Who are the most famous important figures in the digital game world? If you’re curious, just read this article, OK!

1. Shigeru Miyamoto

Produced Many Great Works, These are 5 Famous Figures in the Game WorldShigeru Miyamoto is an important figure behind the Mario Bros. game. (nintendolife.com)

Lucky if your childhood had time to play a Nintendo (NES) console with the best game titles of its time. Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda is a series of phenomenal works of Nintendo in the era of the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, all of these games still exist today and are very well received by the market.

Then, who is the important figure behind it all? He is Shigeru Miyamoto, a writer, producer, originator, and creator of many fictional characters for Nintendo. Reported Nintendo Life, Miyamoto stated that the concepts and philosophies offered by him are not far from the hopes and struggles of young people. yes, that’s why almost all of his works there must be stories of heroism there.

2. Nobuo Uematsu

Produced Many Great Works, These are 5 Famous Figures in the Game WorldNobuo Uematsu is an important figure behind the music in many big games. (polygon.com)

Legendary song from Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, Mario Bros., and Lost Odyssey is a phenomenal work of a Japanese composer named Nobuo Uematsu. He is not a producer or director in the game world. However, with the brilliant idea, there are so many great game titles that have the music of his hard work.

There may be tens or hundreds of game titles that use Uematsu’s services to get a pleasant melody. “Melodies of Life”, “Eyes on Me”, “Let the Battles Begin”, “One Winged Angel”, and “To Zanarkand” are a series of legendary songs or music by Uematsu that gamers will never forget.

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3. Gabe Logan Newell

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Produced Many Great Works, These are 5 Famous Figures in the Game WorldSome big game titles from the West certainly cannot be separated from the services of Gabe Logan Newell. (muycomputer.com)

Gabe Logan Newell or familiarly called Lord Gaben is a former Microsoft employee who eventually succeeded in owning his own game company called Valve Corporation. Yes, this developer also oversees several companies, including Valve Software, Steam, and Valve Index.

Well, if you buy original PC games on Steam, that means you’ve used the facilities from Valve. Meanwhile, the big titles that Valve has ever made are Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Portal, Team Fortress, and of course serial Dota legendary.

4. Hideo Kojima

Produced Many Great Works, These are 5 Famous Figures in the Game WorldHideo Kojima has also become a respected figure in the digital game world. (playstationlifestyle.net)

Apart from being successful with the game series Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima also succeeded in bringing Konami to fame in the eyes of gamers. Kojima is one of the important figures behind the Konami developer and he once had a very strategic position there. Initially, in 1986, he was recruited by Konami to write and design the initial series Metal Gears.

Well, since 1987, action genre games stealth It has earned a place in the hearts of many world players. Mechanism gameplay intelligent and magnificent plot become the main characteristics of the series Metal Gear Solid until now. However, in 2015, Hideo Kojima split with Konami and created his own company called Kojima Productions which is now more inclined to work with Sony.

5. Sid Meier

Produced Many Great Works, These are 5 Famous Figures in the Game WorldSid Meier is a well-known programmer in the digital gaming world. (polygon.com)

If you like mechanized strategy games turn-based, the name Sid Meier is certainly not foreign to you. Yes, he is an important figure behind a big game, a kind of series Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Alpha Centauri, and SimGolf. Specifically for Civilization, almost all of his works became the best strategy games and received various awards.

PC Gamer on his website notes that at first, Sid Meier planned to include elements of RTS in the Civilization. However, because there are many elements and complexity there, it ends up using a mechanism turn-based which is one of the best systems in PC gaming today.

So, some of the big names above are indeed very famous and influential in the world of digital games. However, in addition to the names above, there are many other famous figures who are also successful in the video game scene, be it PCs, consoles, cellphones., or handheld.

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