Here are 10 Lists of Typical Bandung Culinary that You Must Taste

The city of Bandung, also known as the city of flowers, is a destination for local and foreign tourists. By having the cool air plus the many tourist locations with natural nuances, it attracts many enthusiasts from outside the city to spend their holidays in Bandung. If you come to Bandung, don’t miss the following 10 typical Bandung culinary delights.

By setting a fairly cheap price and delicious taste, these various typical Bandung snacks make many tourists addicted to come again to the city of Bandung every vacation. Well, there are several culinary snacks typical of the city of Bandung that must be tried for lovers of typical Sundanese cuisine.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Cilok”

Typical Culinary Bandung Cilok
Cilok (c) @ odinioo

With its round shape and a chewy texture, which can be eaten in one go, cilok is also the most popular Bandung specialty food in West Java province, especially in the city of Bandung itself.

Although cilok is now more often found in school environments, cilok or by its abbreviated name ‘aci dicolok’ has many kinds of innovations. In the past, cilok was only added with peanut sauce, now you can taste cilok with a variant of mayonnaise sauce and with various fillings.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Cimol”

Cimol (c) @aktatama.silvi

If there is cilok, there is also a thing called cimol which stands for aci digemol. Cimol, which has the same basic ingredients as cilok, only has a slight difference, namely, the process of making it is fried.

The shape is still small round and fried, then sprinkled with dry spices with various flavors of course that can be adjusted by each person’s taste, such as spicy seasoning, additional peanuts, spicy salty and many others.

If you want to try to make it yourself at home, you can use the Google application to be able to listen to the recipe and how to make it. Better yet, if you learn directly with people who are experts in making Cimol.

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Typical Bandung Culinary “Cireng”

Cireng (c) @kareenagii

Another food that is also made from the basic type of aci is cireng which also has an abbreviated name, namely fried aci, if shortened to cireng, it is known to many people. In general, plain cireng is often sold, usually you can get it at a fried food vendor and can be eaten directly or can also be dipped into chili sauce, or sauce, even soy sauce.

However, in line with the development of an increasingly advanced era, cireng is now also available with various contents, including shredded, sliced ​​cheese, beef or chicken, and many others.

Apart from its contents, the shape or appearance of the cireng also now varies. If you want to try making homemade cireng, you can do it with the help of the experts or help from mbah google.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Comro”

Comro (c) @bubu.elgazanio

Comro or commonly known as oncom di jero is made from grated cassava tubers with chili filling from oncom which is then fried. This snack is perfect to be enjoyed in the afternoon and served with warm sweet tea. As with aci, this comro is so easy to get and also sold very cheaply and of course very tasty.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Misro”

Misro (c)

Misro is a twin brother but not blood from Comro. For Misro itself, it is a snack that has a sweet meaning in accordance with its name when abbreviated, namely misro. Judging from the way of concocting, or making it not much different from making comro. The difference is only in the contents where the misro contains brown sugar in it which makes it taste sweet.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Batagor”

Batagor (c) @f3ndy15

This snack, which stands for fried tofu baso, is one of the most favorite traditional snacks in the city of Bandung. You will be able to easily find batagor builders almost along the streets in Bandung or it could be in schools, even around offices, or when there is a crowd in the city of Bandung.

Tofu covered in flour dough from mackerel devoured with peanut sauce is arguably still the prima donna, compared to other delicious snacks typical of Bandung city. It has two variants of batagor that are very popular today, namely batagor dry and batagor gravy.

To be able to enjoy batagor, you can choose a batagor snack location that suits the conditions of each pocket. There are several names of places selling batagor snacks that are quite well-known in Bandung that you must try, such as the batagor Kingsley stall, the batagor Riri stall, and other batagor selling stalls.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Surabi”

Surabi (c) @humas_jabar

Surabi or also known as West Java-style pancakes are made from rice flour that is burned on a wood stove and in the final result, a sweet liquid gravy is added from brown sugar.

Of course, you don’t only get Surabi in Bandung, but only in Bandung, you can enjoy the delicacy of Surabi with the addition of several variations of toppings and sauces.

Yes, now Surabi can be combined with various other foods, namely using cheese, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, green tea powder, taro powder, milk, ice cream, and many others.

Nowadays, there are many places to hang out for young people in Bandung that provide surabi by displaying various variations, or innovations that will definitely not leave the distinctive look of the surabi itself.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Peuyeum”

Peuyeum (c) @dedehteja

Tape or if in Bandung it is known as Peuyeum Bandung is also a food made from cassava which goes through a fermentation process with yeast. Peuyeum Bandung itself is in the form of a whole cassava stick and the texture is also not wet. The sellers usually sell peuyeum by showing it in front of their stall, it can be hung or also placed in their stall in several sticks.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Colenak”

Colenak (c) @ardianfirmans

Colenak is made from peuyeum and goes through a roasting process with a mixture of sauce made from grated coconut and the addition of brown sugar. The name is quite unique, namely colenak or an abbreviation of ‘dicocol delicious’. The taste is indeed delicious and is classified as one of the typical Sundanese snacks that have been born for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, nowadays colenak is quite difficult to find because only in certain areas you can try or taste this typical culinary of the city of Bandung.

Typical Bandung Culinary “Seblak”

Seblak (c) @kedaikitalagi

One of the snacks that is included in this new culinary is basically made of half-cooked boiled crackers mixed with kitchen spices such as kencur, garlic, chili, and a little extra flavoring. But it’s not as bright as the name if it doesn’t make you spicy and scratching your head because this is its trademark.

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There are also many sellers of seblak who try to expand their business by creating variations such as adding or replacing seblak into not just crackers. It can be a bit of a claw, or a bit of tofu and so on. Almost on every street in Bandung you can find seblak sellers who provide innovations or variations in their composition.

There are many types of typical culinary from Bandung, hopefully 10 Typical Bandung Culinary can be useful for all of us.