Here’s a Line of Good Instagram Filters – Maybe some of you, especially those who are beginners, must be confused about what Instagram filters are. Generally, the IG filter is one of the advanced and innovative features provided by Instagram in the form of an IG filter and is made using Augmented Reality technology. [AR], where this feature is able to interact and give the effect of beautifying, beautifying, or smoothing the user’s face. Well, here we will give a row nice Instagram filters and you can try.

The cool and viral IG filter has now become a real fever among Instagram users from all over the world, especially teenagers, both boys and girls.

Various options for cool Instagram filter names for selfies of girls and boys are the favorite of many parties. In fact, attractive IG filters can come in handy when taking photos as well as recording videos of scenes at night or in dark places.

In order to make photos and videos of views in dark places or at night more beautiful, then you only need to use cool Instagram filters, for example, without the need to edit videos using additional applications.

Cool Instagram filters for selfies are also getting more and more available along with celebrity filters, which are made by IG filter makers from Indonesia themselves. The cool IG effect is not only useful for taking selfies, but can also be used to make a video endorsement of a product to make it more interesting and beautiful.

50 More Great Instagram Filters

Below are our recommendations for a wide selection of good IG filters that will make your images or videos cooler.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is one of the best effects to use for selfies. In addition, if you want to make a video using this effect, it will be similar to the setting sun.

If you want to get even better results, then you can take pictures in conditions in the sun or in a place where the lighting is bright enough.

Bem Panuterona

This is one of the effects that will automatically make your face look like you are wearing make up. Of course this will help for those of you who are lazy to dress up.


For fans of pastel or soft colors, you can use this filter called Chantily. Don’t forget to also take pictures or videos in a well-lit place.


Some people want frackles or freckles. You can use this instant filter, then your face will be more beautiful or handsome.

Red Love

This is a cute hfilter, because it will accentuate the blush and some love emoticons around your face.


Including one of nice Instagram filters and quite popular, even viral on TikTok. The blush will appear and the lips will look fuller.

Agel Pink

This Instagram filter will give a pink effect.

Mooboard 1

This filter called Mooboard 1 looks aesthetic because a good photo effect has a cool frame. This filter is owned by an Instagram account named @nahir.esper.

Fresh Make Up

Lazy makeup can be an alternative. Then this one filter will make your face look different even if you just woke up or haven’t showered.


This filter will give changes to the face so that it will look better. There is a highlighter option in the green eyes and nose and cheeks become blush and spots appear.


This Cuteness filter is almost the same as Red Love, only the emoticons are different and there are no facial decorations.


The Tartar filter owned by an IG account named @arisiutari8 is not inferior to the others. This filter will make your face smoother. Besides that, the Tartar filter also has an effect blush on the nose and cheekbones. You could say that this filter is more natural.

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Advanced Filters That Are No Less Unique


Inkravtania includes filters that can beautify your face but there are no additional animations. It can only make your face smoother. Then to make it look more beautifying, there is also an eyelash filter and it is quite natural, it will not look extravagant so it looks more original.

Good Vibes

Suitable for those of you who want to beautify your face but there is no animation. Therefore you can use this filter called Good Vibes.


For those of you who are looking for an IG filter that has natural eyelashes, then this Eyelashes filter can be the solution.


Daisy is owned by an Instagram account named @tikadew_. This one filter is of course unique because in addition to beautifying your face with natural make-up, there is also an animation of a daisy flower above your head so it looks like you are wearing a crown.

Rose Bling

This filter is perfect for those of you who are looking for a beautiful filter with added animation. In this filter there is an animation of a rose on the cheek.

Great Instagram filters It has become something that many people are looking for to make it more aesthetic. If you are still confused, you can look for it in this article. Thank you.