Here’s How to Buy Line Stickers Using OVO Quickly and Easily – Line has officially added OVO as a new payment method that makes it easier for users to buy various items on the Line chat application. For this reason, this time we will give tips on how to buy Line stickers using OVO.

With this new payment method, Line users just need to fill in their OVO balance and can directly buy the desired sticker, emoji, or theme through the Line Store.

Previously, Line had also provided payment options. Starting from cutting credit, credit cards and also through Gopay to be able to buy the items in the Line chat application they want.

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So that you can try it immediately, here is how to buy a sticker line using OVO using OVO. Let’s see how in full!

  • Visit the Line Store and select Purchase
  • Choose the sticker, emoji or theme you like, then select Purchase

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  • Select the OVO option, then press OK and you will be directed to the OVO application, then enter the phone number

  • Download the purchased item.

Very easy isn’t it? Now various payment method variants are available. Just choose which one you think is easiest. Oh yes, you can now have the best variety of stickers from Line at affordable prices by subscribing to a sticker package called Line Stickers Premium.

Premium Line Stickers are sold with subscription prices starting from Rp. 15 thousand only. You can choose a monthly subscription option, so they can change the sticker they have purchased with another sticker they want the following month.

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Premium Line Stickers are available in two subscription price options, namely the Basic Plan and the Deluxe Plan. The Basic Plan provides a sticker subscription program at a price of Rp. 15 thousand for students per month, while for general users it is Rp. 25 thousand per month or Rp. 249 thousand per year.

Meanwhile, the Deluxe option allows LINE users to subscribe to stickers and emojis. For students, this option offers a monthly subscription price of IDR 35 thousand per month. For general users, the monthly subscription price offered is IDR 45 thousand or IDR 449 thousand per year. [NM/HBS]