Here’s How to Overcome Batteries Not Detected / Crossed on the Latest Laptops this Year

How to Fix Battery Not Detected on Laptop on Windows 7/8/10 – For those of you laptop users who use an operating system in the form of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10, you must have received a message that appears saying “no battery detected”.

If you have ever received an error message but the condition of the laptop battery is installed then we guarantee you will definitely feel confused. And the situation would be considered strange too.

Because the above is very strange, many people are confused when experiencing it.

So specifically in this article we will explain about error messages starting from the cause, characteristics and so on for more details see the explanation below.

Cause No Battery Detected

How to Fix Battery Not Detected

Because the error message “no battery detected” can basically be caused by damage to your laptop battery or it can also be caused by system data on your laptop being destroyed.

Overall the error message will not give effect to all components of the laptop but if we charge the laptop or charge the laptop then the message is very influential.

The effect is that we become stupid and very confused because the percentage of total laptop power is unknown. In addition to the error message, there will also be other error messages, as follows.

  • Message “plugged in, not charging”
  • Message “consider replacing your battery”

Usually also on the battery icon located at the bottom of the taskbar, a red cross will appear. The situation is very similar to the state of a laptop because there is no battery in it.

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Characteristics of Laptop Batteries That Are Almost Destroyed

The error message that reads “no battery detected” is one of the characteristics of a nearly destroyed battery. So what are the other features? consider the following explanation.

  • What does the battery get for a long time when it is recharged, besides that the battery also gets hot when it is recharged
  • Laptop battery deformed. For example, broken or can crack
  • If the position of the laptop is connected to the charger (currently in the case) it can turn on, but if the laptop is not in the case then it can’t respond to anything
  • The laptop can turn on when stated on the battery and can only be turned on for a while
  • On the battery icon, a cross will appear accompanied by the message “consider replacing your battery”
  • Laptop batteries will be very fast when charged. For example, only 5 minutes the battery is fully charged
  • Etc

How to Overcome PC Laptop Battery Detected

Windows 7, 8, and 10 also have a lot of things you can do to get around the no battery detected error message.

Now below will explain several ways that can be done, just refer to the following explanation.

1. Remove the battery and then install it again

The first step that you can do is to remove the battery and then put it back in and it can be said that this is the easiest way to do it.

The way to do this step is that you can first remove the laptop battery and then set aside some time. After leaving it, simply plug it back in your laptop.

This method aims to be able to reset the status of the problematic laptop battery.

The effect of this step is that the longer the battery is turned on, the better the condition of the laptop battery will be.

2. Perform Battery Calibration

The next way you can do is to repair the laptop battery by calibrating it. Then what is the meaning of calibration itself?

Calibration has a meaning as a process that aims to restore the condition of the laptop battery status which is in a problematic condition so that it can return to normal.

Calibration is highly recommended, especially at the first time. And this is not without reason, but calibration itself is considered an effective activity. Why is this effective?

This can be said to be effective because the way to do the calibration is quite easy to do and the steps to do it are very simple. This is the way – the way.

  • The first one is expected to turn off laptop
  • Then restart laptop
  • After that you charge the laptop up to 100 percent
  • If you have used the laptop to death, it is because the battery has run out
  • After that you can turn on the laptop again

You can perform calibration activities yourself by using additions from third-party applications or certain software that can be used to support calibration.

Or if it has been briefly summarized then the calibration can be carried out as described above which we have described.

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3. Updating Windows System

Windows system updates can be performed to resolve any bugs or errors that occur on your laptop.

In addition, bugs that are basically problematic will often appear and over time can attack to other parts.

One area that bugs can attack is the battery icon. Performing a Windows update can also be done in a very easy way by typing Windows Update in the search field.

After that open it and you just follow the steps – the update is complete.

4. Reset Battery Driver

You need to know that not only printers or other devices have drivers. The battery also has a special built-in driver.

where the driver in question is in a special menu commonly called the device manager.

To be able to reset it, you can do so by resolving the error message no battery was detected previously. Then how do you do it? just see the following explanation.

  • The first thing to do is to click on the right button from the start menu
  • After that you select and click device manager
  • If you can select and click on the battery submenu
  • Then right click Microsoft ACPI – Compliant Control Method Battery
  • The final step is to select and click uninstall

After the last step, we just have to wait for the process to finish. And once done, you can simply restart the laptop.

If all the above steps have been done, you just need to check the error message. Whether the error message that appeared earlier still appears or not.

5. Replacing the Laptop Battery

If the laptop battery after being detected turns out to be very bad then you can replace it with a new laptop battery.

Especially if you have followed all the possible ways to fix the battery, but the result is empty, then replacing the battery is the last step to get your laptop battery back to normal.

If you are not savvy about laptops, you can take them to the nearest laptop shop and check for a new battery. Whether the battery is freshly charged or not, your laptop is back to normal.

If everything returns to normal after replacing the battery, please buy a new laptop battery.

6. Using Additional Battery Status Apps

The final step that can be taken to resolve the battery drain error message is to use an app.

What application to use? this application is an application used to monitor battery.

If suddenly the error message “no battery detected” appears, you can immediately check and also see the battery status or even when the laptop battery is charging.

The application in question or in the sense of this monitoring application can give us several alternative options. Which position has power remaining or when it is charging can also be seen.

Then what is the monitoring application referred to above? There are many types of monitoring applications for laptop batteries.

This includes batterycare, battery bar, or other similar apps. How to use it is easy, just download, install and then run the application that can be used.

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Thus our article on How to Overcome an Undetected Battery on a Laptop on Windows 7/8/10, hopefully it can help you in overcoming an undetected battery.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.