Here’s How to Use Netflix Teleparty, Let It Be Nobar! – If you want to watch TV or movies with friends or loved ones online, you can take advantage of a platform called Teleparty Netflix. For those who don’t know, we will give you tips on how to use Teleparty.

This service allows you to watch a variety of content from Netflix with friends at home.

Previously, this service was called Netflix Party. At the start of operation, service stream it only works on the Netflix platform.

However, after changing its name to Teleparty, the Netflix streaming application service can also work on the Disney+, Hulu, and HBO websites.

Well, this time the team Telset I will tell you how to watch Netflix with friends or loved ones using Netflix Teleparty. Let’s see the complete method below!

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How to Use Netflix Teleparty

How to Use Netflix Teleparty

Likewise, what is needed to access Teleparty Netflix is ​​a special extension that can only work on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, to Microsoft Edge browsers.

How about a cell phone or smart TV? Unfortunately, this nobar method on netflix cannot be used on both devices.

So, anyone who wants to join the nobar or watch together, they must run a browser that has the Netflix Teleparty extension installed.

Also, make sure the people you want to invite to watch Netflix with have an account as well. Because if you don’t have a Netflix account, that person won’t be able to join the Netflix Party.

However, not everyone who is watching must subscribe first. So it’s a great way to show your favorite TV shows or movies to the people closest to you.

Below, is a complete guide on how to launch a Netflix party, from downloading and installing the Netflix Teleparty extension, creating a Teleparty, to starting watching together with your friends or closest people. Check this out!

1. Download Netflix Teleparty Extension

Before discussing how to use Netflix Party any further, here’s how download-his:

  • Download the Netflix Party extension by visiting the site via browser.
  • Next click Install Teleparty and follow the process.

how to netflix party

  • Next appears the option to Add Extension and click the option. Well, Netflix Party is ready to go.

how to netflix party

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2. Create a Teleparty Room

The first thing you should know before creating a Teleparty room is that you have to decide what content you want to watch before creating a room with friends.

You cannot search for content after creating a Teleparty room. So once you find what you want to watch, you hit the logo NP at the top right of the browser and select Start the party.

how to use Netflix Party

And paste the URL link of the content in the Teleparty space that has been created. Meanwhile, to share the Teleparty URL link, press the chain-shaped button next to the logo Netflix Party and share via chat applications with friends.

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3. Start Watching Netflix Party

  • After sharing the URL link, you just have to wait for your friends to enter the Teleparty room.
  • For those of you who get link the invitation, copy link and enter in browser Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • You will be directed to the Netflix site. Then click the Netflix Party icon in the toolbar.

How to Netflix Teleparty Party

  • Later your shows will immediately sync with the movies or series that have been selected by the Netflix Teleparty room maker.
  • To chat, there is a chat column on the right.

Well, that’s how to launch Netflix using Netflix Teleparty. With this, watching Netflix all day will be more fun with friends and social distancing still doable. Good luck and good luck! (MF)