Heroes Arise, Meaning and Download Link for the Latest OBB FF Apk

Heroes Arise

What does Heroes Arise mean? The following is the download link for the latest Free Fire (FF) obb apk which can be downloaded for free via the link provided.

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale genre games in Indonesia. Garena as a developer always develops this game, one of which is by updating patches regularly.

Recently, they updated the patch version of Heroes Aries OB32. What is Heroes Aries OB32 and how do I update it? Check this out.

What is Free Fire Heroes Aries OB32?

Heroes Aries OB32 is the name used by Garena Free Fire for their latest patch update. In this Heroes Aries OB32 update, there are lots of interesting surprises waiting for every Free Fire player. If your Free Fire application still doesn’t have the Heroes Aries OB32 update, then update it immediately.

About Update Free Fire Heroes Aries OB32

For those of you who are Free Fire players, you certainly know that since 11.00 Garena has been doing server maintenance. It is at this hour that the Heroes Aries OB32 update is carried out.

During the Heroes Aries OB32 maintenance update, you will not be able to open the Free Fire game or play it, so you don’t have to worry if this happens.

You can only re-login after the maintenance and update of Heroes Aries OB32 is complete.

How to Update Free Fire Heroes Aries OB32

If you want to update your Free Fire version to the Heroes Aries OB32 update, the method is very easy.

  1. First, please open the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. After that, search for the Free Fire game and click the update button there.
  3. If you are using a mod version of the application, then this method cannot be done.
  4. You have to uninstall and reinstall the application or update Heroes Aries OB32 manually.
  5. Please click the link below to connect to the Heroes Aries OB32 patch update.

You need to remember that the Heroes Aries OB32 patch update this time is 700 to 750 MB so you have to free up storage space on your phone. It would be better if you use a stable internet connection such as WiFi.

Features in Update Heroes Aries OB32

As previously mentioned, there are lots of surprises and new features in the Heroes Aries OB32 update. The following are some of the updates in Heroes Aries OB32:

New Weapon G36

The first feature in the Heroes Aries OB32 update is the new G36 weapon. This weapon can be used in close and medium range combat. The latest G36 weapon will be included in the assault rifle category.


Kenta is a new character brought in the Heroes Aries OB32 update. This character has the ability to activate Swordsman’s Wrath.

This Swordsman’s Wrath will later bring up a shield or shield that serves to reduce damage that occurs from the front. If Kenta starts activating weapons, this shield will disappear by itself.

Unlock All Heroes

Through the Heroes Aries OB32 patch this time, Garena will bring up a link system that can allow you to get all heroes for free. If you want to get this hero then you have to complete the mission that has been provided by the system.

That’s the explanation about the Heroes Aries OB32 patch update that was recently carried out by Free Fire. Immediately update your application so you can use all the features in Heroes Aries OB32. Have a nice play.