Higgs Domino Version 1.78 RP Mod Apk Auto Jackpot

BantenDay.co.id – Higgs Domino version 1.74 is still in great demand by some smartphone users, apart from the new version, of course. This is none other than because there are several advantages that are obtained compared to the current version. Even so, the latest version is the best with the most updated features.

This Higgs Domino application is a modification of the original version, namely Higgs Domino Island. Some users also call it Higgs Domino RP or the MOD version. Although it has been modified, the game in it remains the same. The difference is in the features provided, more complete than the original version.

The online game Higgs Domino is a game that uses traditional cards that Indonesians are familiar with. That’s why many players from our country play it. What’s more, the chips from winnings can be sold, meaning they can increase income.

Features of Higgs Dominoes Version 1.78 Apk

Earlier, it was mentioned that the old version of Higgs Domino Apk has complete features when compared to the original version made by Higgs Game. What are the features that can be used? Of course, all features are provided for user satisfaction and convenience. Let’s take a peek at the features in question so you’re not curious!

1. Unlimited Money

If you play the original version of Higgs Domino Island, the money you have is limited, so sometimes there is a feeling of fear when you want to play. Unlike the MOD version which is equipped with the unlimited money feature (unlimited money). This means that you can buy items in the game without fear of running out of money.

These items can be useful to support your victory in playing. As it is known that some of the games in this online game are Domino gaple, QiuQiu and poker.

2. Features of Higgs Domino Old Version No Ads

Whatever online games are played, of course there are advertisements milling about. It must be because there is an active internet connection. The presence of these ads often interfere with the course of the game. Especially if it is located side by side with the play button or other command buttons.

With the old version of Higgs Domino RP, you will experience an ad-free game because it has been modified previously. No ads are visible, even if the internet connection is active. This is intended for user convenience.

3. Simple Appearance

Some games have a display that is difficult to understand, especially for new users. But that won’t happen when you use the old Higgs Domino mod apk. The menu layout is very clear so players can do what they want to do without having to search for the menu first.

If you are not familiar or find it difficult with some game boards, you can also modify them yourself. That is, set yourself where you think it is easy to reach.

4. Game Updates

Do not think that this mod version of the game is inferior to the original version. In fact, it can be said to be exactly the same as the version on the Playstore. For example, there are new games that are interesting to play, such as Hero of the Chicken and Legend of Honey.

5. Security System

Indeed, the old version of the Higgs Domino RP Apk game cannot be found on the Playstore because it has not been registered there. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous if it’s installed on a cellphone. From the developer, Top Boss, their modified application is claimed to be safe and feasible to use. But of course it’s good if you remain careful in using it.

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Download Higgs Domino RP Version 1.78

As said earlier, you won’t find this modified game from Higgs Domino Island in Plasytore. Therefore, if you want to download, please look elsewhere. Many sites or blogs that provide this cool game. But you have to be careful with the malware or viruses that are injected.

One of the proven safe places to download Android apps or games is apk pure. You can search directly there or via Google with the keyword download higgs domino old version apk in the following link https://bit.ly/3z3CSpI.

How to Install Higgs Domino RP

After a successful download, the next step is to do the installation (installation) on the device. Since it is not registered in the Playstore, it means that the installation method is different from the official application. But don’t worry, you can follow the easy steps that we provide below!

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select “privacy and security”.
  3. Continue by heading to “Permission Settings”.
  4. Look for the “install apps from unknown sources” option.
  5. Slide the toggle to the right until the button turns on.
  6. Next, look for the file that was downloaded earlier in the internal or external memory.
  7. Press the file, on the warning that appears, click install.
  8. Wait for the process to complete.

If you are sure that you have followed the steps above, you can be sure the installation process went smoothly.


Playing games that have been mastered is fun, moreover, it can be played together with friends or other people who can be more entertaining. As with this old version of the Higgs Domino game, you can play as much as you want without fear of running out of money because it’s unlimited.