Hogwarts Legacy Shows First Gameplay, Releases End of 2022

Today is a special day for you Potterheads. Yup, last night to be exact, Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software just returned to provide more details about their game. In accordance with their previous promise, now Warner Bros. has officially released the first Gameplay from Hogwarts Legacy. So, what will it look like? Let’s follow the discussion Gamedaim News following.

The past week we have received a lot of special surprises during the Playstation State of Play event. However, of all the existing titles, Hogwarts Legacy is the one that is the main center of attention. How not, this game offers the concept of an Open World world with a myriad of interesting mysteries that are ready to be revealed. Moreover, the setting offered is the Hogwarts wizarding school.

Hogwarts Legacy Shows Stunning Gameplay Complete With Its World View

Through the reports we got through the Playstation video Broadcast, Avalanche Software as the developer of this game finally gave a myriad of interesting details from Hogwarts Legacy. The first thing they show is Gameplay which offers an Action RPG concept complete with a Combat System using a magic wand to cast Magic.

In this game, you will act as a Hogwarts student who wants to learn to be a wizard. You will be given the freedom to design your own character from hairstyle to gender. In addition, you can also choose which hostel is suitable to be a place to live. Examples include Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Each dorm will offer different character stats.

Ready to Launch at the End of 2022

Not only that, they also show Hogwarts environmental settings that you can fully explore, starting from the Dungeon, Quidditch Field, Hogsmeade Village, Diagon Alley, to Hogwarts Train Station. Every place you visit will offer a myriad of Quests, Main Missions, to secret locations that contain mysteries and puzzles. What’s more, you can also drive magical vehicles like Griffin, Abraxan and Flying Broom.

The most interesting of all, Hogwarts Legacy turns out to provide many educational themed mini games like Bully made by Rockstar. That’s right, in this game you will be able to join extracurricular options and a myriad of other interesting activities including Quidditch (Flying Sweep) and magic classes. From this activity you will get many new spells for combat.

For those of you who can’t wait, Hogwarts Legacy is targeted for release at the end of 2022. Unfortunately, for now the studio has not shown the exact date. They only confirmed that this game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series platforms. So, what do you think, are you interested in trying it too?