Honda Vario 160 First, When will Vario 125 Facelift Follow?

Jakarta, IDN Times – At the beginning of February 2022, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) made a breakthrough by launching its newest motorbike, Honda Vario 160.

But unfortunately at the launch of the Honda Vario 160, PT AHM did not all launch the latest version of its sister, the Vario 125. Even though usually the Vario 125 and Vario 150, which is now the Vario 160 are always launched together.

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1. The look of the Vario 125 will be similar to the Vario 160

Honda Vario 160 Released First, When Will the Vario 125 Facelift Follow?Motorcycle illustration (

Looking back at 2018, PT AHM launched the Vario 125 and 150 together with a design that was not much different. The most difference is only in stripingcolor choices, rim design, and also features.

If so, it’s not impossible to see the latest Vario 125 later bodyit will be more gambot and wide legs. Although maybe the legs will not be as sturdy as his brother, considering the engine is only 125 cc.

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2. New engine eSP+

Honda Vario 160 Released First, When Will the Vario 125 Facelift Follow?

The latest Honda Vario 125 later should also be given an update in the kitchen runway sector, seeing that the Vario 160 now uses an eSP + (Enhanced Smart Power Plus) engine, to be fair the technology should also be installed in the Vario 125.

This eSP+ engine has many changes from the previous engine, with the main goal of reducing friction and also getting better performance. So even though the engine is still 125 cc, the latest Vario 125 should be more powerful later!

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3. Honda is still waiting for the Vario 125 . moment

Honda Vario 160 Released First, When Will the Vario 125 Facelift Follow?PT AHM

PT AHM seems to be waiting for the right time to launch the new Vario 125. In addition, the fight for the 125 cc class automatic motorbike is not as hot as the 150-160 cc class.

So I think the latest Honda Vario 125 will be PT AHM’s secret weapon, we’ll just have to wait and see!