Horizon Zero Dawn – PC Version, Better Version

Initially, Horizon Zero Dawn was released as a PS4 exclusive game. However, surprisingly Sony Interactive Entertainment as a publisher released this exclusive console game made by Sony on the PC platform. This has become a breath of fresh air for PC gamers who have recently been presented with many game genres, especially games from Japanese developers, which more than a decade ago they never thought of releasing on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla as a developer has certainly worked hard enough to convert games that were previously on PS4 to PC. Of course, when a game is ported to a PC, gamers will expect the game to have improved graphics and many things. This Action RPG game that carries the open-world concept has an interesting story, of course, while it was still an exclusive game, Horizon Zero Dawn received a lot of praise from many reviewers or gamers.

How to port on his PC? Well, this time, we will review ports of games that were previously considered PS4 exclusive games in this article. For those of you who have never played or have played but are curious about the port version for this PC game, you can follow this article to the end.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Enhanced Graphics Detail, 4K Resolution and 60 Fps

Moreover, what gamers want to feel from a game that is ported to a PC in addition to the improved graphics quality and also 60 Fps. In this PC version, gamers’ wishes are fulfilled by Guerilla as the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerilla port this one game very well although not perfect. You will feel the adventures of Aloy the protagonist at 60 fps and also 4K resolution which you can set in the settings mode. For console or PS4 gamers, you certainly won’t doubt that the graphics offered by this game are very cool and detailed.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Of course, in the PC version, there are many things that have been improved in terms of graphic details. For those of you who are still using a mid-range rig, you can get graphics quality that is equivalent to the PlayStation 4 version, namely medium graphics settings. Meanwhile, if your PC has monster specifications, you can get very beautiful graphics that are better than the PlayStation 4 Pro version.

This graphic enhancement is equipped with a feature called Dynamic Foliac. This feature allows the plants throughout the game to look very realistic. Maybe this is an increase that is not too big, however, this small increase produces a fairly large effect from the graphics aspect that is presented. With these features, the graphics look even more realistic.

In addition, the advantages offered by the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn are open-world gameplay that is more flexible without waiting for long loading if you use a PC or laptop with SSD storage media. Moving from one place to another via fast-travel will be faster when using SSD technology.

If you have played this game on the regular PlayStation 4 or the Pro version, you will get a fps lock which is only stuck at 30 fps. However, on the PC version, you can enjoy maximum graphic quality at 60 fps and 4K resolution at the highest graphics settings. That’s how good a PC is, you can adjust the graphics quality to the most stuck.

There are a few problems that are not too significant

However, this advantage in terms of graphics does not leave defects. Horizon Zero Dawn PC version is still not perfect. In some parts, found crashes that are quite annoying. Not only crashes that you can find, you will also encounter glitches in this game. On several occasions Aloy does not respond to movements for a few seconds when looting. Even if it’s not too much, the glitch is still annoying.

Horizon Zero Dawn

There is another thing that we think the porting of this game is still not optimal, namely its Ultrawide support. Even though the Ultrawide mode in the game will make the gameplay more exciting because of the wider perspective. However, in the ported version of this game, you will find wide visuals that make it less comfortable. However, behind all the inconveniences, Guerilla and Sony will provide updates and patches to fix these technical problems.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Somehow Sony and Guerilla want to convert this exclusive game to PC. However, in our opinion, the porting done by them is quite good, although not optimal. We will wait for patches and updates that will make playing this game more comfortable. It’s a shame if a game that is so good, when played on a PC platform that should be able to display graphics with better detail, is not comfortable to play.