Hormonal IUD Contraception is More Effective in Preventing Pregnancy than Tubectomy

Suara.com – There are various ways to control or prevent pregnancy, one of which is tubal ligation surgery or tubectomy.

Tuberectomy is a procedure to cut or close the fallopian tube so that the egg cannot enter the uterus and prevent sperm from swimming into the fallopian tube.

Many people say this method is very effective for preventing pregnancy. However, a study published last week suggests otherwise.

According to the study, tubal ligation may not be as effective as using an intrauterine device (IUD), reports Health.

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In this study, researchers analyzed six years of data from Medi-cal, California’s Medicaid health care program, of patients who received an IUD or tubectomy.

Doctors are placing birth control implants in female patients. [shutterstock]
Illustration of tubal ligation contraception [shutterstock]

Researchers found patients with hormonal IUDs had the lowest pregnancy rates, followed by women who underwent tubal ligation, then copper (non-hormonal) IUDs.

“Tubal ligation is really no longer the gold standard for preventing pregnancy,” explains lead study author Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD.

Although researchers don’t always recommend tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy, they do want women to be aware of all their options.

Researchers also emphasize to health care providers to inform the risks and effectiveness of each contraceptive method.

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