Houthi Admits Attacking Saudi Arabian Natural Gas Facilities and Factories

Yemen’s Houthi rebel group on Sunday (20/3) targeted Saudi Aramco’s key facilities, particularly desalination plants and natural gas in Riyadh and Yanbu.

The Houthi military spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Sarie said that the attack, which included “ballistic and winged missile strikes, as well as drones” was part of a larger operation called “Breaking the Blockade”.

He said the first phase of the operation targeted Saudi Aramco facilities, but the next phase targeted “vital and important locations in the provinces of Abha, Khamis Mushait, Jizan, Samtah and Dhahran Al Janub.”

He described the attack as retaliation for the “unjust blockade and aggression against our people” led by Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi Arabian authorities, some of the facilities targeted included Aramco’s liquefied gas plant in the Red Sea Port of Yanbu, a power plant in the southwest of the country, a desalination facility at Al Shaqeeq on the Red Sea coast, Aramco’s oil facility in the southern border city of Jizan, and a gas station in the town of Khamis Mushait.

The attack caused no casualties, but damaged civilian homes and vehicles.

The extent of the damage to Saudi Arabia’s energy infrastructure and facilities remains unclear.

The brutal war in Yemen erupted in 2014 after the Iran-backed Houthi group seized the capital Sanaa, and swept across large swathes of the north.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries launched a devastating air campaign in 2015 to oust the Houthi group and restore an internationally recognized government.

But years later, the war has become a deadly stalemate, with Saudi Arabia and its allies struggling to turn things around.

This created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The United Nations recently estimated hundreds of thousands of people had died from the crisis. [em/lt]