How & Benefits of Registering an Online Car Rental Application Zoomcar – Zoomcar online car rental application is ready to operate in Indonesia. The Zoomcar application offers users the easiest way to register and rent a car online, while providing benefits to car owners who are willing to lend their cars online.

Tessa Karina as Marketing Head in Indonesia stated that this online car rental application is here to answer the needs of users who need a comfortable, complete, and profitable car rental service.

Not only useful for users, from the owner’s side this application also offers services peer-to-peer car-sharing. That is, the Zoomcar application is able to change and complement the local car rental ecosystem with an online-based car rental experience.

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“We believe the presence of Zoomcar can be a solution to the need for transportation facilities, considering that this country is still dominated by two-wheeled vehicles and has a low level of car ownership,” said Tessa Karina.

How to Register on the Zoomcar App

how to rent a car zoomcar

How to register for the Zoomcar online car rental application is very easy. There are 5 easy steps so that you can take full advantage of this application.

  • Open the app, then place an order and register as a car owner in the app.
  • The main requirement that you must fulfill is to upload a photo of your driver’s license or driver’s license, an ID card, as well as several supporting documents.
  • Take a selfie in the application as a condition to complete personal data.
  • If it has been verified, then you officially have a Zoomcar account as a user who has the right to borrow a car or a party that rents a vehicle.
  • After that please order or provide a car loan.

Advantages of Zoomcar Online Car Rental Application

Zoomcar Car Rental App

Zoomcar provides a number of advantages for renters or car lenders. For tenants, they can enjoy an easy and personalized experience, no contact with the borrower, and cost-effective

This application provides services car sharing and car rental for various duration plans, from 6 hours to weekly or monthly subscriptions.

As for car borrowers, they will not only get income from renting a car, but also from various bonus benefits and systems rewards.

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They are also entitled to facilities in the form of warranty damage and car repairs. The car will also be equipped with a vehicle tracking and security system, the condition of the vehicle, to the behavior of the tenant.

As for rental payments, the application collaborates with several partners such as DANA, OVO, LinkAja, Shopee Pay, Gopay, Mastercard, Visa, and virtual payments that are integrated with QRIS.

The Zoomcar map system is also strengthened with WAZE and Google Maps to ensure accurate car movement and real time. (NM/MF)