How to Backup Whatsapp to Google Drive & Restore the Latest WA Chat of the Year

How to Backup Whatsapp to Google Drive & Restore Chat Messages WA is one of the social media for chatting that supports various device platforms, especially for phones with Android or iOS operating systems, windows etc.

Currently WA is probably one of the most popular social media applications for chatting in the world, in our own country.

Indonesia Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media chats used by everyone, from young people to old people.

With active WA users reaching one billion users, this is of course because Whatsapp has many advantages when paired with other social media chats.

Although now there are many chat and social media apks that are quite sophisticated, their popularity still cannot beat WA.

This simple and neat display or whatsapp interface makes users comfortable when using social media applications, besides that it is no less important as we mentioned earlier.

WA also supports various platforms and operating systems so that it can be installed on various devices.

Whatsapp from time to time has developed quite well, especially in terms of increasingly complete and sophisticated features to pamper its users.

One of the excellent features in the WA Medsos application is that it allows users to backup and restore or commonly referred to as backup and restore.

With this feature users can easily switch devices with only one Whatsapp account without having to worry about losing their data.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

How to Backup WA and Restore Chat Messages

Here in us we will share about How to Restore Whatsapp Data and Backup WhatsApp Data to Google Drive, Easily and Quickly.

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  • The first step, please click the button whatsapp menu (dot 3 button located in the upper right corner).
  • Friend then select Menu Settings and enter the menu Chat settings.
  • If you are already in the WA Chat Settings section, then, please click on the menu Backup Chat.
  • Next, click back up button.
  • Then wait for the data backup process from whatsapp to the account Google Drive You guys are done,

for this process make sure minimum battery on your phone you have to be on top 20%, and also make sure your internet connection is stable.

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How to Restore WhatsApp Data From Google Drive

  1. The first step that must be done to Restore WhatsApp Data From Google Drive that you backup is, please open it first to WA app which will be filled with data that has beenbackup Previously, it could be on your new device or you can also use your old device as long as the WhatsApp application data has been deleted first.
  2. After that, enter phone number You guys that you use for your Whatsapp account which you have backed up or backed up to Google Drive You guys before.
  3. Then click the green Next button below. Then wait a while until you get the message verification code from Whatsapp to enter the verification column.
  4. Enter the verification code that you received from Whatsapp before, sometimes this step will be automatically skipped if the card with the number you used for whatsapp before is on a new whatsapp device.
  5. Please wait a moment, the Whatsapp application will automatically search for your WhatsApp data backup history that was on Google Drive before.
  6. If the process in number five has been completed and the backup file has been found previously (marked with the words Reserves Found).
  7. Wait for the WhatsApp data recovery process to your new device to be 100% complete. The duration of this process depends on how much data you backed up from your previous WA account.
  8. If your WhatsApp data reset process is complete now, please click the Next button.
  9. Next, please enter your name and profile photo for your WA account, like when you registered your Whatsapp account for the first time, then click the green Next button as shown in the red circle below.
  10. Well done after that whatsapp data that you previously deleted, now it’s back to normal.

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Thus our article on How to Backup WA to Google Drive & Restore Chat Messages, hopefully it can help you in backing up WhatsApp to Google Drive.

See you in our next article, thank you.