How to Change a Forgotten Gmail Password on a cellphone or laptop – In ancient times, sending letters could be done by post or delivered directly to related parties. However, in an era that is all easy and sophisticated like now, everything can be done practically because it utilizes several technologies that are already available. One of them is e-mail. Who doesn’t know how to change Gmail password? Here’s the full review.

Email or electronic mail, sending letters is much easier to do than it used to be. And more interestingly, almost all users already have their own Email accounts personally. And one of the email provider services that are in great demand and used by users is Gmail. Gmail provides many other features and advantages that can be used.

Especially on the security system available in it, gmail can provide certain satisfaction for anyone who uses it. Because this aims to avoid tracking hacking, information leaks and so on. Therefore, it is important for you to change your password regularly. So how do you change the password? We recommend that you read this article to the end.

How to Change Gmail Password Using PC or Mobile

For those of you who want to change your gmail password, it can be done using a PC or android device that you have. The methods are also quite easy and fast, you only need to listen to some of the ways that we will explain as follows.

  1. The first step, open Gmail that you have and then select the Settings menu which is located in the upper right corner of Gmail
  2. For the smartphone version, you can press the three lines located to the left of Gmail. If you have, please scroll to the bottom and click Settings which is located at the bottom left of the page
  3. Next, select the section Accounts and Import which is located in the top menu of gmail
  4. After that, you will be shown a box containing columns
  5. Then select Change Account Settings and click Change Password
  6. For the smartphone version when changing the gmail password, please select the section Manage Your Google Account
  7. Then click Change Password, you will find a form where you can fill in the password. Make a password that is easy to remember
  8. The goal is to verify that the person who changed the password is the account owner
  9. After that, click Next so that you can enter the next process
  10. And for smartphone users, please click Password >> Enter the old gmail password
  11. After that, please enter your new password in the column provided
  12. Then click Change Password
  13. Finished

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Make sure you have to confirm the new password and set it up correctly. You can click the eye icon so you can see the password in more detail and clearly, this is also done to avoid mistakes when creating a new password.

If the gmail change process has been successful, you can log out or exit email from another device and try to re-enter using the new password that you created earlier. Actually, there is another way that you can try to change your gmail password. Read more below.

  • First, please sign out of your account from all your gmail sessions
  • After that, please verify if you recognize all the services and people who use the gmail account
  • Next, activate 2-step gmail authentication so that you can provide extra protection for your account

It’s not difficult not to change the gmail password. Please do the method that we have given above. Either using a PC or smartphone device that you are using. You can change your password every 6 months as you wish.

How to Create an Accurate Password

When you create a password for a certain account, of course you will be advised to create a strong and accurate password. One of them is replacing the old password with a new password. Then, the prompt to create an accurate password set will also appear again.

And the goal is to be able to maintain the security of the account you have. So how do you create an accurate and strong gmail password? Curious, right? Come on, see more below.

  • You can use a combination of numbers and numbers. You can adjust it yourself because in general there are no certain terms and conditions. We recommend that you arrange the position in a random way, such as using numbers in the middle of letters and vice versa
  • Please capitalize some letters to the front, middle or back
  • We recommend that you avoid using numbers and letters that are in perfect order, such as ABCDE or 123456

If it shows a green color, then the password is very safe and feasible for you to use. We recommend that you follow the method that we have provided above for you to try. Usually, a sign will also appear when the 4th step how to change the gmail password is when you enter a new password.

You should remember if the security indication still shows red. And change it with a new password. Because if it continues, it will be very vulnerable to hacking to a weak level of security. And for the orange grade, you can try to increase it again by using complex combinations. However, grade orange itself is quite safe.

Changing Gmail Password Periodically

As we know that gmail is an email service that presents many advantages when compared to other service providers. This is also shown because of the large number of gmail users. So what are the advantages of using and changing Gmail passwords regularly? Come on, see below.

Login for Everyone – How to Change Gmail Password

When you have a gmail account and login on one device. Then automatically you can just go straight to the blog, google play, youtube and others without the need to log back in.

Security System – How to Change Gmail Password

Gmail has a high security system, although you will be asked to change your password periodically. Users can also get very good data protection, and are able to protect your account from spam. Therefore, this advantage is very difficult to find in other service providers.

Complete Features

Gmail also offers software to third parties. In addition, gmail provides a very complete feature to be used. Where will make it easier for users when accessing gmail or sharing email with others.

Not only that, gmail also has various other features and you can adjust it to your individual needs. For example starred messages, hangout services and so on.

Large Storage Memory

On one gmail account only, gmail offers a lot of quota that can be up to 2828 MB. So that users don’t need to have trouble or feel bothered to often delete gmail that has accumulated, of course if you can enjoy this quota for free.

No Ads

As we know that gmail provides ad-free features. When you access gmail, there will be no ads that suddenly appear or interfere with your activities in it. This way, users can be more comfortable and the security of the account you have is guaranteed.

Anti Virus

Gmail is also equipped with an antivirus scan via AVG antivirus. So when the email enters your account, the virus threat will no longer appear. Of course, you can access this service automatically without any trouble. And no longer need to do a manual scan.

The final word

Those are some explanations about How to Change Gmail Password that you can try. Follow the steps that we have shared in this article to be able to change the gmail account password that you have. Hopefully what we convey on this occasion can be useful for all. Thank you.