How to Change the Look of Android So It’s Like an iPhone so that it’s even cooler this year

How to Change Android Display to Latest iOS / iPhone Display In this day and age cell phones are increasingly needed by many people even if someone who does not own a cell phone will be considered as someone who is at the age or best way to get along.

With the passage of time mobile phones have also experienced
development of models and specifications from the usual until now
cell phones can only be used as CCTV, remotely, and so on.

Although mobile phones have experienced developments, mobile phones have also experienced
disadvantages because each brand has its own advantages.

For example, even though there is no iphone phone but with some of the ways below you can change the look of your phone.

The method is also very easy. There are many applications used for
supports your phone to look like iOS or iPhone display.

Below we will explain the use of each application because each application has a different use, some have functions for the display, keyboard, control panel and others.

How to Change Android to iPhone iOS

How to Change the Appearance of Android to iOS

Not only that with the presence or installation of some applications in
below to make your android phone very similar to iphone.

And also of course make your android phone cooler and
updated so that it always looks cool and not out of date.

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1. iLauncher For Android

The first application is a mandatory application and the first one you should download. Because you could say the application is the main core so that the appearance of an Android phone can change to be similar to an iPhone because it is to be similar.

Of course the first priority is not that? That’s the reason why this app is the first download.

If you have downloaded the apk icon display and homescreen will change to / similar to the iPhone.


2. HI Lockscreen iOS 8, Parallax

This application is a support application also to change the appearance
the phone becomes like an iPhone, serves to change the look
Your phone’s lockscreen becomes similar to the iOS iPhone.

Like Lockscreen, Passcode, and also the notifications.

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3. iOS 7 Dialer and Contacts iOS 7

How to Change the Look of Android So It's Like an iPhone so it's More Cool This Year 2

After changing the view now, download the app to change
display contacts and dialer to be more similar to iPhone iOS 7 so that
your phone gets cooler.

4. iControl Center

This application serves to change the appearance of the control center,
whereas examples of the control itself such as Bluetooth,
wifi, alarm, flashlight, camera, media player, calculator and more.

With this application, the appearance of all control centers will change to iPhone iOS 7.


5. iNoty for iLauncher

The application above serves to change the Notification menu, menu,
the notification itself contains some important settings like an example
for SMS, Miscall, calendar and so on to make it look like
iPhone (iOS 7).

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Thus our article on How to Change the Android Display to the Latest iOS / iPhone Display, hopefully it can help you in overcoming your slow iPhone.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.