How to Change US Card Chat Quota To New Telkomsel Regular Quota This Year

On this occasion, the admin will provide info and tutorials on How to Change the US Card Chat Quota which we will review in more detail in this article.

Are you an ace card user? Are you familiar with chat quotas? Or are you also currently using it? but can you spend the quota or even not use it?

For you ace card users, who have a chat quota and want to change to a regular quota, you can find out how here.

Because here we will provide tips and ways to change the US Card Chat Quota easily and God willing, you can succeed with just the simple tips in the following article.

3 Ways to Convert US Card Chat Quota to Flash Quota

How to Change US Card Chat Quota

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1. Using Anonytun Pro

  1. First, please download the Anonytun Pro application from the Playstore on your device.
  2. When finished, download, install and open the application
  3. Tap Stealth Settings” on the start screen to start setting
  4. Open it in “VPN Settings” or press “Open”
  5. Enter SSL in the Protocol Settings field
  6. Enter 8080 in the port field
  7. Enable advanced SSL settings and press Edit SSL Settings
  8. Return to home, and select [Sambungkan] then wait a minute and it’s done.

2. Using Open VPN

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  1. Download the Open VPN app from the user’s Playstore
  2. While waiting for the download to complete, change the device’s APN setting without quotes to “manishrm1” and leave the proxy blank
  3. After installing Open VPN, open the app. Press the import symbol to the right of the “+” symbol
  4. Next, import the US card configuration OpenVPN Sawer Chat Telkomsel us card and press the check mark
  5. Next enter your openVPN username and password.
  6. Go back to the main menu and rename the Open VPN configuration you just created
  7. Finally, connect the completed configuration until the key signature or symbol is displayed as a successful setup link

3. Using Poster

  1. First download the postern application. Don’t forget to also download a quick editing app to make the most of the settings you’ve made.
  2. Replace the existing Internet network APN with Mnishrm1 while waiting for download and save it
  3. Next, open a browser on your cellphone and navigate to the Sahdow tunnel address. Create an account that disappears after 24 hours, download the configuration and save it
  4. Open the installed quick editing app and paste the settings you received.
  5. Then you can save it with any name as long as the backend contains “.prx” without the quotes.
  6. Open the Poster app and press the button in the top left corner. Tap touch on local import and proxy import. Enter the configuration you edited in the quick edit app earlier.
  7. Press “Touch Rule” and then “Add Rule”. Enter all matches in the Method field. Rules can use a proxy server or tunnel. The data sniffer should not be checked. You can leave it blank in the target area.
  8. Press the P logo in the poster app to activate the VPN. then wait until. process is complete.

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That’s our full review on How to Change the US Card Chat Quota which we have explained in this post, you can try it to use your chat quota to become a regular/flash quota.

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