How to Change Youthmax Quota to Regular Flash Easily Latest This Year

On this occasion, the admin will provide info and tutorials on How to Change Youthmax Quota which we will review in more detail in this article.

Do you know what Youthmax is? Youthmax is a bonus quota package from Telkomsel specifically for online games or streaming music only.

Maybe if you like playing online games, this is a good advantage for you.

But this doesn’t look too interesting especially if you don’t like playing games or listening to music online.

Therefore, we provide a way for youthmax quota to be changed to flash quota mode so that it can be used for everything other than playing games and also streaming music.

How to? Check out the following review.

What is youthmax quota?

How to Change Youthmax Quota

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As we explained above Youthmax is one of Telkomsel’s bonuses in the form of a quota that can only be used to play online games or stream music.

Youthmax quota can only be used for certain applications. that is like a messaging application, bbm/whatsapp.

Enjoy music with MusicMax and Gamesmax in games such as Let’s Get Rich”, “Mobile Legends”, “clash of clans”, “Vainglory”, “Seven Knights” and “dot arena”. and other games.

Well, sometimes the bonus quota cannot be used up even though we have used it to play games and even if it is continuously.

So from that, there is a way to spend the quota by changing it using a trick like the one below.

How to Change Youthmax Quota to Flash Quota

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The application that implements this technique is Anonytun Pro. Android users can download this application from the Play store. Anonytun Pro app is very easy to use app.

This is because the app has an incorrect host list and you don’t need to use SSH for immediate use.

After the download is complete, then open the apk directly and follow the next steps below.

  1. Press ” Stealth Settings ” on the veranda
  2. Then you have to fill in some fields. Open it or press On on Stealth Tunnel. Select SSL over protocol connection. Enter the number 443 for the connection port. If you want to connect via “parent proxy” and “custom TCP/HTTP header”, please close it or click on “Close” button. Press [Pengaturan Lanjut] under [Pengaturan SSL Lanjut]. Then press [Edit Pengaturan SSL].
  3. Several other required fields are then displayed. Check True SSL (Anti DPI) and Spoof Host:Port. Forging a hostbox could result in the address of an active vulnerability being entered. You can look for valid address errors on the Internet. Then enter 443 in the Port Spoofing field. Press “OK” to save.
  4. Go back to multiples and select “Connect”. When the connection request is displayed, press [OK].

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That’s our full review of How to Change Youthmax Quota which we have explained in this post, you can try it to get a large extra quota at a low price.

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