How to Check IndiHome Internet FUP Limit, How to Check Quota – As an IndiHome user, you often experience a drop in internet speed in the middle or end of the month. If this happens, it could be because of the IndiHome FUP limit. We will give tips on checking FUP and how to check Indihome quota.

Many users do not know about the IndiHome FUP. The reason may be that the information was not given at the beginning of the subscription, or that they did not understand FUP.

Even though it is important to know so that you can be wiser in accessing the internet, and keep the quality of IndiHome internet stable.

Therefore Telset team will provide complete information about IndiHome FUP starting from understanding, FUP limits, how to check FUP and how to check Indihome quota. So keep reading this article until it’s finished!

Understanding the FUP System

FUP Indihome
What is FUP?

First of all you need to know the meaning of FUP. The FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy, or the policy limit for normal internet usage.

As the name implies, the FUP system applies internet quota usage limits on a service. FUP is usually present in internet services, whether mobile internet services, or cable internet services.

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Especially for IndiHome services, the IndiHome quota limit itself depends on the internet service you choose. When the selected package gets bigger, the limit gets bigger too.

Then when the limit is met, your IndiHome internet speed will decrease. This is something that you and other IndiHome customers often don’t realize.

IndiHome FUP Limit All Packages

check FUP
FUP Limits

IndiHome applies FUP in all of its service plans. There are 2 IndiHome FUPs, with a decrease in internet speed reaching 75%, 50% and 40% of normal speed.

1. IndiHome FUP Limit 10Mbps

There are 2 FUPs on the 10Mbps package, namely 300GB and 400GB. For those of you who have reached 300GB, the internet speed will drop to 75%, which is 7.5Mbps.

Then when it reaches FUP 2 which is 400GB, your IndiHome internet speed will drop to 40% or 4Mbps.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 300GB7.5Mbps (75%)
FUP 2 400GB4Mbps (40%)

2. Indihome FUP Limit 20Mbps

Next is the limit for the 20Mbps IndiHome plan. The 20Mbps plan has usage limits of 500GB and 800GB. If the internet usage has reached 500GB, the internet speed will decrease 75% to 15Mbps.

Then when internet usage reaches the 800GB limit, IndiHome’s internet speed will drop by 40% from normal speed or 8Mbps.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 500GB15Mbps (75%)
FUP 2 800GB8Mbps (40%)

3. IndiHome FUP Limit 30Mbps

For IndiHome 30Mbps package users, the FUP limit is divided into 2, namely 700GB and 1,200GB. When you have used up the 700GB FUP internet quota, the speed will drop to 22.5Mbps.

Furthermore, when internet usage reaches 1,200GB, the internet speed decreases to 40% or 12Mbps. You can check your Indihome quota easily.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 700GB22.5Mbps (75%)
FUP 2 1,200GB12Mbps (40%)

4. IndiHome FUP Limit 40Mbps

You should know that IndiHome’s 40Mbps internet package has a fairly large FUP of 900GB and 1,600GB. Later when the usage reaches 900GB, the internet speed drops to 30Mbps.

The internet speed, also decreases further to 16Mbps when you reach the second FUP.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 900GB30Mbps (75%)
FUP 2 1,600GB16Mbps (40%)

5. IndiHome FUP Limit 50Mbps

The bigger the Indihome package you use, the bigger the FUP limit. On the 50Mbps plan, the limits are up to 1,200GB and 2,000GB.

The internet speed will automatically drop to 37.5Mbps when it reaches the 1,200GB FUP. Then the internet speed decreases to 20Mbps when internet usage reaches 2,000GB.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 1,200GB37.5Mbps (75%)
FUP 2 2,000GB20Mbps (40%)

6. IndiHome FUP Limit 100Mbps

Slightly different from the previous packages, for the 100Mbps package there is only 1 FUP, which is 2,000GB. When internet usage reaches 2,000GB, internet speed automatically drops to 50Mbps.

Internet FUPInternet Speed ​​Drop
FUP 1 2,000GB50Mbps (50%)

How to Check the Latest IndiHome FUP

check FUP

After knowing the FUP limit, you now need to know how to check IndiHome’s FUP. Checking FUP is very important to know your internet usage.

By checking IndiHome usage, you can estimate whether your internet has reached FUP or not. In checking FUP, there are at least 3 ways you can do.

1. Check FUP Via Website

First use the website. This method is relatively easy because you don’t need to download a particular application, and the process of checking Indihome usage can be via a cellphone or PC.

  • The first step, you can open a web browser and open the official Indihome website, namely
  • Log in to your IndiHome account by clicking on the words “Login” which is on the top right of the website.
check FUP Indihome
Check through the website
  • Login using your phone number or email address.


  • Please menu “View details” on your Indihome package. Later will appear regarding your IndiHome internet usage.

2. How to Check FUP Via MyIndiHome

This method is suitable for you smartphone users. To check internet usage or check Indihome quota, you can download the MyIndihome application which is available on the Google Play Store or App Store. Check out the following method.

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  • Download the MyIndihome app on the Google Play Store or App Store.
FUP Indihome
Download the MyIndihome app
  • Login to MyIndihome account using your phone number or email.
Login to account
  • Inside the app, click on the 3 dot icon and select the “View Usage” menu. The menu will show the amount of your Indihome internet usage.

3. How to Check FUP Via SMS

Check Indihome Quota

The last is via SMS. Using SMS can be an alternative if you want to check internet usage easily. The cost to use this feature is IDR 350 per SMS.

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Please make an SMS with the format “ISPIHArea Code + Your Mobile Number”.
  • After sending the SMS to number 98108.
  • Wait a while until information appears regarding your internet quota usage.

How to Reset IndiHome FUP

Has your internet usage reached the FUP limit? If so, you can reset the internet limit so that your internet speed does not decrease, when it reaches FUP. Here’s how to do it in full.

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  • The first step, you can open the MyIndiHome application and log in to your account using your cellphone number or email.
login limit
Login to MyIndihome
  • After successfully logging in to your account, select the dot 3 icon and select the “View Usage” menu.
  • In the menu you click the “Renew Speed” button and select the package you need.
  • Click the “Buy” button and you reset the FUP, so that your internet speed returns to normal speed.

This is complete information about FUP on IndiHome services. Hopefully this information is useful and can make you wiser in using the internet. [NM/HBS]