How to clone a cellphone to send data between Android smartphones – Moving data from smartphone long time to smartphone a new one is quite a tedious task. This is because users usually need additional devices, such as laptops, so that they can move important data to other places smartphone the new one. We give tips on how to clone a cellphone easily.

All important data can be moved easily, such as photos, music, documents, phone contacts, to call history, SMS and more. The process of transferring data between smartphone Android does not need to be bothered anymore.

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For those of you who have just bought a new smartphone, cloning old Android data to a new Android smartphone is easier to do.

It is because, team will provide a way of cloning an Android cellphone or transferring data from smartphone long time to smartphone new ones easily. Let’s see!

How to clone an Android cellphone with the CLONEit Application

The method of cloning an Android cellphone that we discuss here is the CLONEit application. Just take a look at how to use the CLONEit application to clone Android phones:

  • First thing you have to do is, install application CLONEit from Google Play Store on both smartphone You.

android phone cloneit app

  • Then, run the application. On the main page, you will get two options, namely Sender and Receiver.

how to use cloneit app

  • Sender devoted to smartphone which will send the data to be transferred. Whereas Receiveris smartphone which will receive the data.
  • later, smartphone Receiver will perform a scan of smartphone Sender. Press smartphone Sender when it appears in the scan results.
  • If so, smartphone Receiver required to scan the QR Code that appears on the smartphone Sender (specifically for smartphone above Android 7.1 Nougat).

clone android cloneit

  • When process pairing successful, various data will appear that you can clone or move to smartphone.

how to clone a cloneit android phone

  • For example, we chose to move the phone call history by pressing the button Call Log.
  • Wait a few moments, the call history data will automatically be cloned to smartphone your new.

clone android phone cloneit

That’s how to clone HP. In this way, those of you who buy a new cellphone no longer have to bother moving data one by one, which is tiring and inconvenient.

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How, it’s easy, how to clone a cellphone to move data from smartphone Old Android to new smartphone? Let’s try it soon and good luck! (FHP)