How to Compress PDF Files To Easily Share On Any Platform? – PDF is the ultimate solution for people who face problems in maintaining the layout of their documents when shared across multiple platforms, as it is a universal file format.

Developed by Adobe, PDFs can be accessed via any device, and users do not need to download any special software programs to view or read them. In addition, Portable Document Format is capable of containing a large amount of information, which can include text, images, videos, audio clips, and several other elements.

However, this advantage sometimes becomes a major setback for users, as large amounts of data increase the PDF size, which makes it difficult for users to share it across online platforms.

If we talk about sending documents via email, you may notice that there is a maximum file size limit that can be sent via it. For example, with Gmail, you’re limited to 25 MB, and if your PDF is larger than this limit, you won’t be able to share it with recipients.

To solve this situation, an idea might come to your mind about splitting a PDF into multiple PDFs. However, this technique will not be an effective solution, as it is better to present the related data in one file than to split it into several documents.

So, what are the possible ways to reduce the size of a pdf? Well, the answer is simple! You can use advanced online facilities to compress PDF files easily and efficiently. Tools like PDF compressors are easily available on the web, and in this blog, we’ll cover how to reduce the size of a pdf file? without facing any difficulties. So let’s get started without further ado!

Ways to (Compress PDF) Files

A question will arise in your mind how to reduce the size of a pdf file? Don’t worry below we have discussed several ways to compress pdf files.

Compress PDF online

PDF Compressor is the perfect solution to reduce pdf size. This online utility is based on an advanced compression algorithm that converts your large PDF into a small size without asking you to invest time or effort. The big advantage of using a PDF compressor is that your file formatting remains intact.

In a compressed PDF file generated via a PDF compressor, you will not find any disturbance in the layout or appearance of your document. After compressing the PDF files with this utility, you can easily share them to various online platforms without facing any restrictions over the allowed limits for uploading files.

While browsing PDF compressors through the web, you will come across several web-based platforms that offer this service. Among several online tools, you can find the best free PDF compressor at DupliChecker.

The tools available on this platform will help reduce the size of the pdf while maintaining the quality of the document uploaded by the user. Its easy-to-use interface makes this job quite simple and easy for everyone.

To use this PDF compressor, you just need to access the tool:, upload the file you want to compress and click the compress PDF button. As a result, this tool will start the process of compressing your PDF and provide you with compressed files instantly.


7-Zip is a useful way to compress PDF files to save disk space on your device or make it easy to transfer via online platforms. Often, when files are shared over the web, they are corrupted.

By using 7-Zip, you can prevent this file from being corrupted. Apart from providing these advantages, it is also useful to reduce the size of the pdf. However, in order to use this method to (compress PDF files), you must download it on your device.


WinRAR is another possible option for compressing PDF files. This file archiver utility uses RAR and ZIP compression methods to reduce pdf size. However, the use of this compression utility is only limited to Windows users.

If you are using a smartphone, then WinRAR will not be a suitable choice for reducing PDF file size. To use WinRAR, you must install it on your Windows device. It’s not a web-based utility like PDF compressor that lets you compress PDFs on the go.

Another Way: Convert PDF to Word

Apart from PDF, Word is another popular format among users all over the world. The good thing about Word documents is that they are much smaller than PDF files. If you want to compress PDF to share it easily via online platforms, then you can choose to use a PDF to Word converter.

PDF to Word converter is an advanced facility based on OCR technology that converts the data contained in PDF files into Doc format without affecting the layout, formatting or appearance of elements. When you use this utility to convert PDF to Word, your file size will decrease automatically.

Compressing PDF with this method is fast and hassle-free. Several web portals offer PDF to Word converters, which will allow you to do this conversion in seconds. However, this solution might carry some drawbacks which will make file handling difficult for you.

For example, when you convert PDF to Word, some elements that are not supported by the Doc file will not be converted, and this can create some hurdles for you. Also, PDFs retain the formatting of the files, but when Word files are shared across multiple platforms, they will lose the formatting, and all your efforts will be decreased.

Are you looking for a better solution that can help you avoid this drawback? If so, let’s see!

The final word

In this digital era, handling and sharing documents is no longer a complicated task. Compressing PDF files for easy sharing via online platforms is not a troublesome task anymore. You can use online utilities, such as PDF compressors and PDF to Word converters, to reduce the size of a pdf without any manual effort.