How to create a WA link with Bitly on IG & Tiktok for olshop – Starting a live chat in the Whatsapp application can be done with how to make a WA link first. When you open the link in question, you can directly chat from the number that has been embedded in it. As is known, when you want to start a chat or chat on the Whatsapp application, of course you have to save the contact number first. However, with a new feature called ‘click to chat’, the old fashioned way is no longer needed. However, you must still use the link as the main medium.

Whatsapp has become an important application for entrepreneurs, especially those engaged in online business. The features offered are quite varied and all of them are needed for smooth communication with potential customers. For example, when you are marketing a product or service, you must include a contact number to be contacted. Whatsapp is one of the most widely used contact numbers with these potential customers.

What if when they want to contact you they will ask you something to offer, but have to save the contact first? If you were in their position, how would you feel? Surely lazy right? What you want, of course, can directly contact them with the contact number listed.

Presence of features’click to chat‘ seems to answer your needs for the smooth running of the business or business that is being run. Thus, potential customers can contact in an easy and practical way. But still you have to know how to create a WA link that goes to live chat.

How to Create WA Links?

The WA link is generally used as a contact number for the promotion or marketing being carried out. In this era of increasingly developing digital technology, promotions are often done through social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, or even on a personal website. Some online business people who market their products in online shops such as Shopee also need this feature.

There are many ways that can be done to create a Whatsapp link, the important thing is that you have to know what media to use. The purpose of the media is none other than a site that will direct potential customers to your WhatsApp chat number. Here are some methods that can be done!

1. How to Create a WA Me Link

The way you most often find it is with the official site or service from the WhatsApp developer itself. Yes, is the first site or method that you can try. Because it’s official from Whatsapp LLC, of ​​course you don’t have to worry about yourself, right? Here are the steps you can take!

  1. Open the Notes application on the HP device or notepad on the PC device.
  2. Copy the following link and paste it in the application that was prepared earlier.
  3. You can also use the following format number.
  4. Replace the HP number with the number you want to use as a service contact.
  5. It’s important to know that the number writing must comply with international rules, so use 62 instead of 0.
  6. A true example like this, or

2. Create a WhatsApp Link on Instagram with Bitly

Using the Bitly site has its own advantage, namely that the URLs obtained are shorter so they are easy to remember. Even so, you still have to use the ready-made Whatsapp link. We give an example of how to create a WA link on Bitly using the ready-made link above!

  1. Open the browser application on your laptop or PC.
  2. Visit site
  3. Enter the ready-made WA link above in the column provided (Shorten your link).
  4. Click ‘short’.
  5. The link you entered earlier has changed to a shorter one, please copy and enter it in the Instagram bio.

3. Tutorial for making WA links on Linktree

How to make the next WA link can be done using the Linktree site. This method is also very powerful for use on social media accounts, especially IG and Facebook. The method? Listen carefully!

  1. Open the browse application on your cellphone or PC, then visit the website
  2. Sign up (register account) if you don’t have one, if you already have one, you can directly login.
  3. Click the button with the words ‘Add New Link‘.
  4. Enter the requested information, in the ‘link address‘, which means the address of the ready-made WA link as in the first example.
  5. After all the fields are filled, you can copy the results.

4. How to Create a WA Group Link

Besides being able to be used to chat directly with private numbers, you can also create group WA links. The method is not the same when using numbers as above. In this case, you don’t need the link to get the link. But make sure that you are the admin of the group in question.

  1. Open the Whatsapp application.
  2. Please go to the group you want to share the link with.
  3. Tap on the group name.
  4. Press ‘invite to group via link’.
  5. Select ‘copy link’.
  6. Please share the group’s WA link.

Even though you don’t need a link as in the first step, you can still use a WhatsApp short link if you want to shorten the link you get.


After discussing how to create a WA link, I think it’s detailed enough. The point is, if you want to create a link for promotional media or anything else, the process that must be passed is using the official website from Whatsapp, namely