How to Create Blank Text on WhatsApp Without Using an Application

How to Create Blank Text on WhatsApp – WhatsApp is a chat and telephone application that is already popular among netizens, WhatsApp is an application that is very popular until now, especially with various features that have been developed by developers. WhatsApp itself has a lot of people who have installed this application, even Android must have WhatsApp to communicate with each other without using a lot of credit.

WhatsApp is said to have succeeded in replacing SMS and telephone materials, where it requires a lot of credit to be spent, WhatsApp only requires a quota of less than 10 MB, we are very satisfied to chat with fellow users easily and without a hitch.

Whatsapp is also in addition to chatting and telephone We can also use the video call feature, where we can contact someone just by looking at their face.

2 Ways to Create Blank Text on WhatsApp

How to Create Blank Text on WhatsApp

We already know that WhatsApp cannot send empty messages manually in the application, at least provide at least one character in the message column so that the message can be sent to other people.

WhatsApp provides such provisions to prevent users from hacking other accounts, because actually in the text of WhatsApp messages we cannot send codes related to a program.

However, there are some netizens who are curious about how to send empty messages to other people, actually this is not really important because in empty messages we can’t read anything and only end up with messages that are not sent. But in this article I will give a tutorial on how to give Blank text in WhatsApp easily.

Actually this trick only transparent the text that we write and then we just move to WhatsApp. However, we must use several platforms to make our writing transparent. Instead of getting curious, let’s look at the explanation below how to make prank text and then send it to WhatsApp.

1. Creating Blank Text Manually

Following this tutorial we have to set up WhatsApp web that is already connected to the computer, because using Android we cannot provide the codes in the text of the WhatsApp message, the tutorial is:

  • Enter our WhatsApp into the computer using whatsapp web, the way is to just type in Google with the keyword whats web.
  • Then secondly, we need to scan our WhatsApp on the computer. We need to be aware that the computer we scan must really be ours so that there is no account takeover by someone else.
  • Open the empty code already given in brackets here ( )
  • To copy and paste, just copy and paste the blank text in the middle of the brackets.
  • Choose someone we want to give the blank text to.
  • Copy and paste the blank text in the message text and the last thing is to click send then we have sent an empty message on WhatsApp.

That is how to manually create a blank message using WhatsApp, we need to know that the code given is a code that has been modified so that if we want to create our own existing code, our number will only be blocked by WhatsApp because it has violated their privacy rules. have.

2. Create Blank Text Using Code

Then the second tutorial is how to make Blank text on Whatsapp using a code that can only be done using whats web so that we will not be wrong in entering the code if we use a laptop in it, for Android use it is not authorized because Android itself cannot write codes the above which is usually found on laptops the way is:

  • Open WhatsApp web on our laptops, make sure the laptop we use is private property so that there is no account takeover by other people
  • After WhatsApp has entered the laptop, we just need to find someone we want to give a blank message.
  • After that, follow the code that we provide so that there are no errors when creating the code, make sure to be careful by following some of the ones that have been given. ALT+0173
  • For more details, we can follow the character creation as follows: ALT ->> 0 ->> 1 ->> 7 ->> 3.
  • After that press enter or send to the user we want to give a blank message.

That’s the tutorial on how to make blank text on WhatsApp, but we have to be careful because these codes will create a privacy violation of our account.

The final word

Don’t use empty messages too often because if you do it too often, the result will be that your number is blocked by WhatsApp. That’s the article that we can convey about How to Create Blank Text on WhatsApp, hopefully it can be useful, look forward to our next update for other interesting articles.