How to Delete Order History on the Latest Shopee 2022

Shopee is a fairly large and well-known marketplace in Indonesia and has very many active users including sellers and buyers. At Shopee you will easily find various daily necessities, electronic equipment, clothes or accessories and various other items that you can buy online.

When shopping online at Shopee and making buying and selling transactions, your purchase history will be recorded in the Shopee application automatically. Shopee order history is a record of purchase history as long as you actively use and place orders through the Shopee application, it is known that this history is in my order menu and the completed tab.

On this tab you will be able to see the history of online shopping orders from the first time you used the Shopee application until now. Well, for those of you who often shop online at Shopee and want to delete your order history because you don’t want to know what items you’ve purchased in the Shopee application, then check out and follow each of the steps that we will share below.

How to Delete Order History on Shopee

How to Delete Order History on Shopee

Please note that there is currently no way to delete order history on Shopee because Shopee itself has not activated the feature to delete orders or online shopping history in the Shopee application. Therefore, if you really want to delete your Shopee order history, we have one way, namely by creating a new account to be able to clear the online shopping history contained in the Shopee application.

Well, for the ways and tutorials for creating a new Shopee account, pay attention to the following steps so that nothing goes wrong:

  1. Make sure first if you still remember or know your old Shopee account username and password that you want to delete
  2. Here it is open settings app on your phone
  3. Please select manage apps
  4. select Shopee app and continue to choose clear data and cache
  5. open Shopee app on your phone
  6. Then click list, Please register using an active mobile number or email address
  7. Wait OTP code which will be given by Shopee and fill in the Shopee member registration form
  8. And finishednow all order history on Shopee has been successfully deleted

From several sources and references that we have looked for regarding this problem, it is certain that there is no way to delete order history on Shopee at this time. But it is possible that one day this feature will be launched by Shopee and we as users just need to wait until this feature is added.

How to Delete Purchase Notifications on Shopee

Not only deleting order history that many Shopee application users want to delete, but also many users who want purchase notifications on Shopee. There are some users who are uncomfortable with the purchase notification and want to get rid of it.

For those of you who like to feel uncomfortable and want to delete this Shopee application notification, then please follow the steps below:

  1. open Shopee app on your phone
  2. select notification menu on Shopee
  3. Then search notification notification which you want to delete by tab and hold for about 4 seconds so that the words appear wipe
  4. Here’s what’s left for you wipe then the notification will disappear
  5. The deletion process is complete

That’s the way you can do if you want to delete order notifications in the Shopee application, this method is very easy so you won’t have trouble if you want to practice it directly.

The advantages provided by this feature include making it easier for you to find the name of the subscription store, which is often the name of the store. While the disadvantage is that there may be some users who do not want their online shopping activities to be known by others such as parents or husbands.

The final word

That’s the information on How to Delete Order History on Shopee, Find Out Here, which we have provided in full. Stay tuned for more interesting information from us. Hopefully useful and good luck!