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Config Auto Headshot Free Fire – Playing online games is one of the ways that many people use when they are bored at home, because mobile games are still very popular, especially Free Fire, which is in great demand by Android and iOS users, which have more than 10 million players.

In the Free Fire game, players will be required to finish the battle by surviving to the end to get a victory called Booyah. In order to get Booyah, players must have high skills. But for players who are not good at it or skills are not high, you can use the Auto Headshot Free Fire config.

The purpose of Config auto Headshot Free Fire will later help players to more easily eliminate all nearby opponents by removing just a few bullets that will hit the head.

Using Config Auto Headshot Free Fire will certainly make you look better. Now for players who are curious to try playing Free Fire using Config, here Ulingame has prepared the download link below.

What is Config Free Fire

What is Config 1

Config in the Free Fire game is a tool to modify or process to optimize a software, for example applications, games and many others. Config itself is an abbreviation of the word Configuration.

In Free Fire itself, there are various configs, for example, anti-lag config, Auto Head config and skin, item and bundle config. Where the config itself has a function, namely to modify Free Fire to be more leverage.

By using the Auto Headshot FF config, your shots will not miss at all and are always on target hitting the opponent’s head when launching a shot, so it only takes a few bullets the opponent will be immediately eliminated. Of course, by adding an auto headshot config, it will make it easier for players to play and don’t need to practice to shoot headshots

You need to know, there are actually many Free Fire Auto Headshot config features that you can use, such as FF Diamond, Emote and Auto Aim config. However, on this occasion Ulingame will share the following Free Fire Config Auto Headshot Download Link.

Download Config Auto Headshot FF

One of the things that makes a shot special about Headshot is that it doesn’t require a lot of components or ammunition in order to eliminate your opponent, just by throwing a few bullets you can easily kill your opponent. But not like that, because you need to practice first how to shoot or recoil properly.

But you don’t need to worry, because there is a feature called FF auto headshot config that can help you fulfill the AIM, therefore, Ulingame will share the DOWNLOAD LINK config below to make it easier to shoot on the head.

FF Auto HeadshotDownload

How to Install FF Config

How to Install Config Auto Headshot Ff

For players who are still confused about how to install the FF config, you can follow the complete procedure below.

  1. The first step, please download the Config apk above.
  2. After that, extract the file using the ZArchiver application.
  3. Next Copy & Paste the Config file that has been extracted into the internal memory.
  4. Please follow, Internal > Andorid > Data > com.dts.freefireth > Files Contencache > Optional > Android > Gamessetbundle > then paste.
  5. Finished.

The final word

That’s information about the Ulingame version of the Ulingame Auto Headshot Auto Config that you can use by downloading the link above. Maybe that’s all Ulingame can provide information on this occasion. Hopefully it can help colleagues to easily get Booyah and see you in the next article about the latest online and offline game information.